Human or Humanized Single Domain Antibody Production Services

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in generating human single domain antibodies and humanizing single domain antibodies.

Single domain antibodies are antibody fragments consisting of a single monomeric variable antibody domain. Like a whole antibody, it is able to bind selectively to a specific antigen. With beneficial pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic properties, they are ideally suited to targeting cellular antigens for molecular imaging or therapeutic purposes. However, because of their camelid or nonhuman origin, the possible immunogenicity of single domain antibodies when used in the clinic is a concern.

Human or Humanized single domain antibody Production Services Fig. 1 Schematic overview of the single domain antibody humanization strategy. (Vincke et al. 2009)

Creative Biolabs has developed synthetic human single domain antibody phage display libraries using humanized single domain antibody scaffolds. Human single domain antibodies against all targets can be rapidly isolated from these libraries. In addition, by immunizing a unique strain of transgenic mice available from a partner that harbor human single domain antibody gene repertoires, Creative Biolabs is able to produce immune human single domain antibody libraries that can produce high affinity human single domain antibodies against the immunogens.

Single domain antibody humanization services are also available at Creative Biolabs. In the first straightforward approach that employs soluble, stable, well expressed universal humanized single domain antibody scaffolds, CDR regions of a parental single domain antibody can be directly grafted with antigen-specificity and affinity of the parental antibody transferred. Regular CDR grafting plus back-mutation method is also frequently taken to humanize single domain antibodies at Creative Biolabs.


  1. Vincke, C., Loris, R., Saerens, D., Martinez-Rodriguez, S., Muyldermans, S. and Conrath, K. (2009) 'General strategy to humanize a camelid single-domain antibody and identification of a universal humanized nanobody scaffold', Journal of Biological Chemistry, 284(5), 3273-3284.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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