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Creative Biolabs can offer multiple in vitro display services with our advanced technique platforms and the most professional proposal to support our customers’ significant research. Except our well-recognized phage display services, Creative Biolabs can also apply yeast display, bacterial display, ribosome display, mammalian cell display and other services to achieve each specific research goal.

In vitro display represents a series of emerging and innovative technologies to rapidly isolate and evolve the specific high affinity binding peptides and proteins against interested target molecules. Various types of peptide and protein binders are being selected with such technologies for biotechnological and medical applications. As alternatives to antibodies in the development of molecular targeting drugs, these peptides and proteins with high affinity and specificity for a desired target have received significant attention. These applications have included affinity maturation and stability improvement, selection for enzymatic activity, display of cDNA and random peptide libraries, and extended into a broad field of antibody engineering, synthetic enzymes, proteomics and cell-free protein synthesis.

No matter which kind of in vitro display technology, the linkage of displayed peptides and proteins from phenotype to genotype is the most fundamental concept. This direct linkage exist in all type of in vitro display technology, such as bacterial display, yeast display and ribosome display. It achieves a steric proximity by establishing compartments in a water-oil emulsion, and also naturally established on a cellular level by arrangement of plasma membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus, enabling selection for favorable properties. Combined with the library contains numerous gene variants, in vitro display technologies can take full advantage of the discovery of new biological entities. In this field, Creative Biolabs is deserving expert who masters these in vitro display technologies.

Creative Biolabs has years of research and development experience in the field of in vitro display. Our seasoned scientists are proficiency in applying various in vitro display technologies and picking the most appropriate procedures to promote our clients’ research and project. It is our guarantee to offer the most suitable services and our best products to meet even the most specific requirement.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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