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Yeast display or yeast surface display is a novel technique widely used to express the proteins at the yeast surface after translation and maturation in a eukaryotic system. Thus, the yeast display is superior to phage display for display of protein or antibody because the eukaryotic expression environment of yeast cells ensures fine tuning such as folding, modification, and translocation prior to display on the surface. Creative Biolabs has developed a unique Ultraff™ yeast display technology for yeast display library construction and screening, antibody affinity maturation, etc.

Ultraff™ Yeast Display Technology

Yeast surface display (or simply, yeast display) is a potent protein engineering tool for a broad range of biotechnology and biomedical applications and is widely used for in vitro protein evolution. Yeast surface display has been regarded as an alternative method for isolating and engineering antibody fragments (Fab, scFv) from immune and non-immune libraries, and has been applied to isolate recombinant antibodies with binding specificity to a variety of proteins, peptides, small molecules and T cell receptors.

In a general “a-agglutinin” display system, the protein of interest will be flanked by two epitope tags: a 9-amino acid hemagglutinin antigen (HA) tag and a 10-amino acid c-myc tag, and then will be fused to the C-terminus of the a-agglutinin Aga2p subunit. Following translation, the 69-amino acid Aga2p subunit associates with 725-amino acid a-agglutinin Aga1p subunit via two disulfide bonds. The fusion protein is subsequently secreted to the extracellular space where Aga1p is anchored to the cell wall via a β1,6-glucan covalent linkage. As a result, the protein of interest is displayed on the cell surface where it is accessible by soluble ligands (as shown below).

Yeast is superior to phage for human antibody display in that the eukaryotic expression environment of yeast cells is more suitable for human protein folding, modification, and translocation for display. Therefore, the yeast displayed antibodies are conformationally and functionally closer to human native counterparts.

Yeast Display Services Fig 1. Schematic representation of yeast surface display (take a-agglutinin anchor protein Aga2p as example).


Applications of Ultraff™ Yeast Display Technology

Yeast Display Service in Creative Biolabs

With extensive experience accumulated over decades, Creative Biolabs’ unique Ultraff™ yeast display technology is a highly robust display system for the discovery and optimization of monoclonal antibodies with pM affinity, the highest antibody affinity ever enabled by an in vitro recombinant antibody production technology. In addition, by utilizing the abundant resource of yeast display platform, our scientists can assist you in the most comprehensive services and products based on yeast display technology, which including:

Customers own the exclusive rights to the antibodies derived from Ultraff™ Yeast Display Technology.

If you are interested in learning more about Creative Biolabs’ yeast display service, please contact us for more details.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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