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Mammalian Cell Display Service

Creative Biolabs is the pioneer company in providing a powerful method of mammalian cell display for the identification and selection of human scFv and whole IgG with high affinity and specificity. Benefit from our well-designed mammalian cell display platform, we can provide one-stop service including but not limited to library construction and screening, antibody affinity maturation, and production of specific monoclonal antibodies.

Library Construction and Screening

Mammalian cell display is a powerful strategy for discovering and selecting antibodies. It relies on the transient or stable transfection of antibody encoded DNA into mammalian cells. Subsequent stringency screening using FACS sorting or flow cytometry then enables enrichment of desired antibody products. This display system is well applicative in selecting antibody fragments (e.g. scFv, Fab) and full-length antibodies which cannot be done by other display systems like phage display, ribosome display, and bacteria display. Moreover, the expressed antibodies by mammalian cell display contain the posttranslational modifications that are required for antibody function.

Due to the different properties and applications, Creative Biolabs is pleased to display the antibodies on the most appropriate host cells, such as HEK293T, COS cells, Lymphoma-derived B cells, BHK cells and CHO cell, which can meet the special needs of customers.

Mammalian Cell Display Service

Features and advantages

  • Immune, naïve or synthetic library construction
  • Premade library screening
  • Large library capacity (~107)
  • Comprehensive QC validation
  • Full-length antibodies and alternative fragment formats (e.g. ScFv, Fab)
  • Appropriate post-translational modifications
  • Various host cells for displaying (e.g. HEK293T, COS cells, Lymphoma-derived B cells, BHK cells and CHO cell)
  • Time-saving and high affinity
  • No need for conversion of expression system

Antibody Affinity Maturation

After constructing and screening a comprehensive mammalian cell display library, appropriates mutagenesis strategies are essential for improving antibody affinity to a satisfactory level. There are multiple approaches, including random mutagenesis, site-directed mutagenesis in both CDR and framework region and in vitro somatic hypermutation (SHM), leading to dramatic optimization in antibody affinity, stability as well as other characteristics.

Stable Cell Lines Construction

Construction of stable cell lines is another application of mammalian cell display. Creative Biolabs can construct special cell lines with high efficiency, stability and in low copy number, making it feasible to screening large and complex libraries by multiple rounds of selection. Moreover, we can enable not only high-level cell surface expression but also simultaneous secretion of the same protein through alternative splicing, allowing soluble secreted antibody to be characterized in biophysical and cell-based functional assays.

Creative Biolabs has developed multiple in vitro display strategies which are widely used in antibody discovery and production. With the help of comprehensive platforms and experienced scientists, our company can provide the global customers with the most suitable technical services to meet your research and project goals.

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