In vivo Phage Display for Tumor Targeting

Creative Biolabs offers custom phage display services to identify tumor targeting peptides by our innovative in vivo phage display technical platform. This exclusive platform can be used to analyze the structure and molecular diversity of tumor vasculature and to select tumor-specific antigens which have revealed stage- and type-specific markers of tumor blood vessels.

Neoangiogenesis is very important for tumor development. Both blood and lymphatic vessels of tumor express unique markers that distinguish them from normal tissue vasculatures. According to the vascular heterogeneity and changed microenvironment, tumor vasculatures show multiple alterations and differences with regular tissue vasculatures, such as abnormal vessel wall structures, leakiness to macromolecules and constant formation and/or remodeling of vessels. Relevant studies have shown that the endothelial cells of tumor are involved in the variable expression of cell surface molecules by expressing a stimulated phenotype. In addition, the adhesive interaction between tumor cells and organ-specific endothelial markers is also essential for homing tumor cells. Through in vivo mapping of aggressive tumors, peptides homing to the tumor vessels may offer right opportunities to develop vehicles to transport cargo toxic agents to the tumor vasculature. In this way, in vivo phage display is the chosen technology to isolate and screen the novel targets of tumor cells and is able to build up a foundation of developing diagnostic targets and therapeutic agents against a variety of tumor types.

Scientists of Creative Biolabs have developed an exclusive in vivo phage display platform for identifying specific markers of tumor vasculature. This platform can be extensively used to screen novel targets for tumor therapy through interrogating the surface of various cells. These peptides identified by in vivo phage display might be used as selective vehicles transporting chemotherapeutic agents to the tumor vasculature, thus improving drug specificity and efficacy and reducing toxicity. Furthermore, some peptides selected by in vivo phage display have been used to recognize and manage a large range of tumors, such as thyroid tumors, rat glioblastoma, prostate cancer, malignant melanoma and leukemia.

Creative Biolabs has established an effective phage display platform, supported by our exclusive in vivo phage display screening technology. Our comprehensive in vivo phage display services are competent to fit very unique research objectives from our global customers.

In vivo Phage Display for Tumor Targeting Figure 1. In vivo phage display for tumor targeting.

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