Premade Single Domain Antibody Library Screening Service

The single domain antibody (sdAb) from camelid, also known as VHH, plays an important role in the antibody research of cancer, HIV, and other diseases. With years of study, Creative Biolabs has developed a series of Premade Single Domain Antibody Library that enables rapid discovery of large numbers of high-potency single domain antibodies against the interest targets. Based on our well-established platform, we provide unique single domain antibody library screening service for our customers all over the world.

Premade Single Domain Antibody Library Screening Service

Single Domain Antibody Library

sdAbs are under a rapid development and becoming increasingly popular in various applications. Due to its small size and high stability, sdAbs enable to access "hidden" epitopes which the full-length antibody or other antibody fragments are unable to recognize. Meanwhile, they can penetrate into difficultly accessible tissues, as well as cross the blood-brain-barrier without the assist of any transporters. In addition, sdAbs comprise greater affinity and selectivity, therefore, promising lower side effects and better efficacy.

Currently, display technology based library construction and screening methods are the most popular and reliable ways to discover novel single domain antibodies. Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in phage display realm and can offer premade single domain antibody library to meet our client’s demands of sdAb discovery. Our premade single domain antibody library was constructed based on either camelized human VH3 in FR2 or naïve camelid VHH repertoire. These premade sdAb libraries are ready-to-use, which can save our clients’ valuable time and budget from animal immunization and library construction. With the provided target, our scientist can simply begin with the library screening and provide the specific sdAbs in around 3 months. Meanwhile, we are the expert to offer immune sdAb library construction service as well.

Screening Approaches

Premade Single Domain Antibody Library Screening Service
Fig.1 Premade Antibody Library Construction and Screening
(Hoogenboom, 2005).

With more than ten years’ specific experience in phage display technology, our scientists are confident in offering the best and most comprehensive library screening services towards a broad spectrum of targets, especially based on our premade sdAb libraries.

We can tailor custom antigen production service for our clients to prepare the interest targets for further screening. We also accept targets that provided by our clients, which including but not limited to:

Meanwhile, in order to meet our customers’ specific requirements and their various research objectives, our scientists are pleased to perform phage display library screening via multiple strategies:

In addition, we can also license these premade sdAb libraries to our clients who prefer to screen the novel sdAbs themselves. Deliverable of the licensed library will include the library, a detailed user manual, host strain, primer used for sequencing, and other materials that can help our clients achieve their goals of selecting unique sdAbs.

In terms of our unparalleled premade libraries and advanced phage display technology platform, Creative Biolabs is pleased to offer the most comprehensive premade library screening services to meet every client’s requirement, as well as contribute greatly to the success of your research goals. Besides the sdAb libraries, we also provide such screening services based on other kinds of premade antibody libraries and peptide libraries that can fit your various demands. If you are interested in such premade library screening services or plan to license our libraries, please feel free to inquiry us for more details.


  1. Hoogenboom, H.R., 2005. Selecting and screening recombinant antibody libraries. Nature biotechnology23(9), pp.1105-1116.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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