Premade Phage Display Peptide Library Screening Service

Except for diverse premade antibody libraries, Creative Biolabs also carries multiple well-tailored premade peptide libraries ranging from 3- to 20-mer. Currently, we are glad to present our professional service of premade phage display peptide library screening for our customers around the world.

Random peptide libraries have been extensively employed for the discovery and development of peptide binders against diverse targets. During the past years, we have constructed a wide variety of premade peptide libraries, both linear and constrained. Aided by advanced nucleotide doping techniques (NNK/NNS, and our special Trimer codon strategy), the resulting peptide libraries can obtain an overwhelming diversity over 109, while free from other concerns of unexpected stop codons or frameshift, which ensures the unparalleled library quality.

Considering the theoretically large library size and the relatively low binding affinity, the isolation of desired peptide binders can be even more difficult than antibodies. To solve this problem, Creative Biolabs developed a two-step screening protocol:

As a long-term expert, we have accumulated vast experience in phage display library screening towards a broad spectrum of targets. Moreover, depending on different research objectives, we can conduct library biopanning via multiple strategies:

Notably, in addition to soluble target, we are specialized in handling with membrane proteins as well. Our versatile platform is well compatible with whole-cell-based high-throughput screening and validation via FACS, providing the most physiological-relevant environment. Besides, we also provide a comprehensive portfolio of membrane protein preparation service to generate recombinant proteins with proper structure and functionalities, which works perfectly as panning targets.

Creative Biolabs is always ready to offer first-class, custom-oriented services to help our clients with their diverse projects. Our scientist will be happy to discuss with you and tailor a best feasible plan to meet your expectations and demands. Please contact us for more details.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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