Protein Engineering Platform

Creative Biolabs can offer advanced protein engineering platform for your specific project, including high-scale expression, crystallization and characterization.

Protein engineering is a process of developing useful and valuable proteins mainly based on molecular biology (genetic engineering). The feature of protein engineering is that the ultimate product is a protein with modified and engineered amino acid sequence, rather than a novel living organism. Up to now , there are two popular strategies for protein engineering, rational design and directed evolution.

Protein Engineering Platform Figure 1. Protein engineering process.

Rational protein design based on protein structure-function relationship can make desired changes (such as specific protein folding) on protein of interest. In rational design, proteins can be predicted and designed from de novo design or by calculaing variants of protein structure. Creative Biolabs can perform ratioanal protein design using such as gene or peptide synthesis, codon optimization, and site-directed mutagenesis, including enzyme design for affinity or specificity, protein resurfacing, design of globular proteins or transmembrane proteins, and other potential applications. The advantages of rational design is cost-efficient and easy operation.

Directed protein evolution is a novel method used to simulate the process of natural selection to evolve proteins or nuleic acids towards disired requirements. Notably, Three factors are required for evolution: 1). The variation happens between replicators, 2). The variation causes fitness differences upon which selection acts, 3). The variation can be heritable. Directed evolution is composed of multi-rounds of mutagensis (generating a library of variants), selection or screening (creating the variants and isolating members of library with the desired function), and amplification (generating the abundant desired libraries). Directed evolution is applied in both protein engineering as an alternative to rational protein design, as well as studies of fundamental evolutionary principles in a controlled, laboratory environment. The advantage of directed evolution is that it requires no understanding of protein structure, thus, the result of directed evolution can not be predicted what the mutation effects will be. Creative Biolabs can perform in vivo, and in vitro directed protein evolution.

Creative Biolabs' strong expertise in de novo gene synthesis allows us to synthesize complex protein libraries without dramatic increase in cost. We provide specialized mutant library services, including site-directed mutagenesis libraries, sequential permutation scanning libraries, randomized and degenerated libraries, as well as a full range of recombinant proteins.

Creative Biolabs also provides Membrane Protein Platform and Phage Display Platform for your specific projects. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.


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