CHO Productivity Assessment

Creative Biolabs can offer CreDA™ platform to prepare protein materials for comprehensive developability assessment by stable expression in the CHO cell line. Two important aspects of the candidates, expression titer and purification yield, are particularly evaluated to guide our clients’ selection of candidates that can be prepared in a low-resource platform process.

CHO Production

For detailed characterization of drug candidates in the comprehensive developability assessment stage, protein materials are prepared by stable expression in the CHO cell line, because the production of gram quantities of candidates that are needed to perform all tests is only feasible by using a stable expression system already at this stage. Transfected CHO cells are first cultivated as cell pools, and candidate protein recovered from the cultivated cell pools is utilized for profiling. In parallel to cell pool cultivation, the cells are cloned to identify the final clone for clinical and commercial manufacturing. Therefore, the process to generate the final manufacturing cell line and the comprehensive developability assessment of candidates run in parallel and are fully integrated. This approach makes it possible to relate the selection of the manufacturing cell line to the best product profile.

CHO production, expression titer, and purification yield assessment of drug candidates. Fig.1 CHO production, expression titer, and purification yield assessment of drug candidates.

CHO Transient Expression System

Creative Biolabs has designed a novel CHO transient transfection and expression system to produce recombinant proteins in a cost-effective manner. Meanwhile, a number of methods have been used to improve the transfection efficiency of our system. In general, we can improve the inherent productivity of the CHO cell line by using a highly optimized medium and transfection reagent system. Recent studies conducted by our labs have indicated that a wide collection of CHO cell lines, such as CHO-S, CHO-K1, can be successfully cultured for pharmaceutical, antibody production.

CHO Stable Cell Lines

CHO stable cell lines have been considered as a suitable expression system for produce proteins when compared with other types of genetically cell lines. In Creative Biolabs, we provide an array of customized services to simplify the development process of CHO stable cell lines, ranging from vector construction to protein expression. Our experienced scientists and program managers will help you to create a CHO stable cell line with superior efficiencies. For instance, Stable CHO DG44 cell lines have been generated to obtain an excellent suspension-adapted stable pool.

Features for Our CHO Productivity Assessment Assays

In terms of our Ph.D. level seasoned scientists and years of experience in the field of drug development, the CHO productivity assessment service at Creative Biolabs will help your selection of a molecule with high productivity for further process development. Please contact us for more information and a detailed quote.

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