Magic™ Membrane Protein Purification

Creative Biolabs provides the professional custom service in membrane protein purification in micellar solutions. Purification is almost an unskippable step during protein preparation. Many scientists already have some fundamental skills for purifying water-soluble proteins. However, unlike water-soluble proteins, membrane proteins have to be handled with extra cautions and purifying them can be rather technically challenging. The reason is that most membrane proteins are embedded or associated with cell membranes, and it may be difficult to find a suitable medium that plays the same role as cell membranes to stabilize them in their native form. Therefore, in contrast to soluble proteins, unwanted folding, conformational changes, and aggregation frequently occur during membrane protein expression, which will lead to not only a huge reduction in yield but also damages in protein structure and functionality.

Creative Biolabs has long been devoted to solving this very challenging problem and established an unparalleled platform for membrane protein purification. Our qualified, knowledgeable and skillful scientists who have worked on membrane protein purification for decades can provide the most reliable service to facilitate various custom projects.

Our purification service can start with any membrane proteins already solubilized/incorporated in micelles, liposomes, nanodiscs and amphipols, and those in bicelles, intact cell membranes, cell membrane fractions or inclusion bodies in combination with our service of membrane protein solubilization in micelles. In order to avoid unfolding, conformational change and aggregation of the target membrane proteins, it is usually necessary to solubilize/incorporate them into the medium stabilizing enough to them before the purification. As the proper protocol and condition may vary a lot among different membrane proteins, we will first use our powerful detergent screening platform and lipid screening platform to find the most appropriate solubilizing materials in our customer's cases upon request.

Magic™ Membrane Protein Purification

No matter whether your membrane proteins are tagged or non-tagged, helical or barrel, single-span or multi-span, single proteins or large protein complexes, and in a small quantity or in an industrial-scale quantity, this comprehensive screening platform can always help you find the optimal protocol and condition. Our broad expertise covers purifications of GPCRs, ion channels, transporters, membrane enzymes, membrane fusion proteins, etc. Depending on different features of the target membrane proteins, the following chromatographic methods can be chosen at Creative Biolabs individually or in combination if needed:

Finally, we will check the protein homogeneity using SDS-PAGE, western blot, or other methods to confirm that the desired purity is achieved. Creative Biolabs will always work on a schedule adapted to the progress of your projects. Please do not hesitate to inquire us for more information.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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