Magic™ mRNA Transfection Reagent

Creative Biolabs offers the fantastic Magic™ reagent for efficient and safe mRNA transfection. With Nobel Laureate behind the team, we also provide new classes of vector design. This Magic™ mRNA transfection reagent is capable to transfect a broad range of different cell lines, primary cells and stem cells that are hard to transfect.

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Magic™ mRNA transfection reagent is particularly suitable for mRNA delivery, and has shown outstanding transfection efficiency for both adherent cells and suspension cells. This reagent is mainly based on a novel synthetic derivative from natural compounds which is specifically designed to increase the expression level of protein by removing the limiting nuclear entry required by DNA transfection and the unwanted adverse effect of uncontrolled protein expression as observed with DNA.

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The Magic™ mRNA transfection reagent is validated in various cell lines, primary cells and stem cells, some track records including but not limited to:

Fibroblast Cell Lines HEK293, COS-7, NIH3T3, etc.
Epithelial Cell Lines A549, HeLa, CHO, MDCK, etc.
Myoblast Cell Lines C2C12, etc.
Immune Cell Lines Jurkat, etc.
Hepatocyte Cell Lines HepG2, etc.
Primary Cells Human Fibroblast, etc.
Stem Cells Murine Embryonic Stem Cells, etc.

Magic™ mRNA Transfection Reagent Fig. 1 Reporter gene expression following transfection via Magic™ mRNA transfection reagent. A. human fibroblasts, B. human embryonic kidney 293 cells, C. mouse myoblast cells, D. mouse mesenchymal stem cells.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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