Monoclonal Duck Antibody Production

Monoclonal Duck Antibody Production

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider of monoclonal antibodies from various species. We are proud to introduce the duck monoclonal antibody production service to our clients all over the world. Duck antibodies have fewer possibilities of cross-recognition compared to mammalian antibodies because of natural structure differences.

Duck belongs to non-galliform birds. It expresses three types of immunoglobulin, IgM, IgA, and IgY. Duck produces an alternatively spliced form of the IgY heavy chain gene, which lacks the Fc region and the related secondary effector functions. It has a lambda type of single immunoglobulin light chain, which is very similar to chicken. It rearranges the variable region to generate the immunoglobulin repertoire. The diversity of the duck immunoglobulin repertoire origins from the gene conversion from the pseudogenes pools like chickens. The major rearrangement event of the heavy and the light chain of ducks has been discovered by the southern blots of germline and bursal DNA. The diversity of the duck antibodies comes from the somatic mutation and the gene conversion through analyzing the 26 heavy chain and 27 light chain segments. 

An advanced phage display platform has been developed by Creative Biolabs, which is optimal for quality antibodies generation. The B cells from the immunized duck will be collected, and the antibody RNA will be extracted. Our scientists are highly experienced in phage display library construction, a duck immune library with a diversity up to 1010 could be generated. In order to select a binder with high affinity, several biopanning methods could be applied, such as solid phase screening, solution-sorting screening, and cell-based screening, etc. In addition, we have developed a Magic™ Antibody Repertoire Analysis platform, which is able to offer the most comprehensive and intensive knowledge about the selected antibody sub-library. Compared to the conventional ELISA-based verification method, which only part of binders can be identified, the Magic™ platform could provide high-throughput analysis for over hundreds of binders at once.

Besides duck monoclonal antibody production service, Creative Biolabs also provides monoclonal antibodies from various types of animals, including but not limited to:

Creative Biolabs has dedicated to phage display-based antibody development for over a decade. We have a proven record of providing custom monoclonal duck antibody production service to our customers. From immunization, library construction to screening and analysis, our phage display platform and the antibody engineering services could provide one-stop custom antibody development service to our customers.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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