Thermal Stable Variants of Protein Domains Screening

Thermal stable proteins are excellent scaffolds for generating affinity reagents to a variety of targets of interest. With years of research and development in the field of phage display technology and high throughput next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, Creative Biolabs has owned a group of scientists who have distinguished experience in phage display library screening. Our scientists have developed a powerful strategy for thermal stable protein variants discovery. We are pleased to introduce this high-quality service to all our global customers.

The Importance of Thermal Stable Proteins

Thermal stability of proteins is urgently needed for a number of practical advantages. We can use thermal stable proteins at elevated temperatures as they stay well-folded and active. Moreover, more of these proteins are in the folded state at room temperature and remain more soluble at high concentrations. The great news for researchers in the field of biology is that thermal stable proteins have been observed to accumulate to a higher degree in Escherichia coli. In phage display method, antibody fragments, cDNA segments, or combinatorial peptides are expressed as fusion proteins to a capsid protein of viral particles. Filamentous bacteriophage M13 bacteriophage, composed of circular single-stranded DNA molecules, has been the most commonly used system for phage display. In the phage display process, the antibody fragment, proteins or peptides which are expressed on the surface, are accessible for interactions with their targets. Moreover, the recombinant viral particles are stable.

Determining the thermal melting temperature of protein domain variants (Pershad & Kay 2013)Fig.1 Determining the thermal melting temperature of protein domain variants (Pershad & Kay 2013).

Strategies for the Identification of Thermal Stable Variants in Creative Biolabs

In order to isolate variants that are more thermally stable than the original protein domain variant, it is important to determine the thermal stability profile of this domain variant. Creative Biolabs has developed advanced phage display platform for Phage Display Library Construction and Phage Display Library Screening. We have developed a powerful strategy for thermal stable protein variants discovery. The process is as follows. Firstly, a phage display library of protein domain variants is constructed. Secondly, affinity selection for isolating thermally stable protein domain is carried out, by elevating temperatures during the biopanning. Then, our scientists will determine the melting temperature (Tm) of the thermal stable variants. We can therefore rapidly discover thermal stable variants with the best quality.

Key Advantages

With Ph.D. level scientists and over a decade of experience in phage display technology and Magic™ sequencing, Creative Biolabs is dedicated to serving every unique need of our clients. We are confident to provide high-quality thermal stable protein variants discovery service at the most competitive cost. Please feel free to inquire us for more information and a detailed quote.


  1. Pershad, K.; Kay, B.K. Generating thermal stable variants of protein domains through phage display. Methods. 2013, 60(1):38-45.

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