Native™ Monkey (NHP) Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

Native™ Monkey (NHP) Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery As a forward-looking institute in the field of membrane protein production and antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs has earned the trust of numerous researchers for having successfully accomplished many challenging projects. With our state-of-the-art Native™ platform and rich experience, scientists from Creative Biolabs are glad to introduce our native monkey (NHP) anti-membrane protein antibody discovery service to worldwide clients.

Anti-membrane protein antibodies have been well recognized as superior therapeutic or diagnostic tools for a variety of diseases in clinic, e.g. cancers, infection diseases, autoimmune diseases, transplantation side effects, etc. However, because of the ethical and practical reasons, it is obviously impossible to immunize human beings. On the contrary, monkey (non-human primates, NHPs) can serve as an ideal substitute for antibody development of various kinds.

Monkey is one of the most valuable and most frequently used animal models in preclinical studies. As is known, due to its high gene homology to human, monkeys can be most reliable and relevant for investigating human physiology, neuroanatomy, cognition, etc. Moreover, the close phylogenetic relationship also results in clinical, microbiological and immunological similarities with humans. In the last decade, NHPs have been making remarkable contributions to numerous medical and scientific progress, especially in the field of antibody discovery and development. However, traditional antibody development approaches like hybridomas and phage display, have inevitable limitations (e.g. species restriction, small candidate pool, loss of native properties, etc.). With years of exploration, Creative Biolabs now provides native monkey anti-membrane protein antibodies based on our cutting-edge Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform.

Advantages of Native™ Monkey Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

The strategy allows the discovery of anti-membrane protein antibodies in monkey with native paired heavy chain and light chain, thus avoiding the instability of the non-native paired antibodies. Meanwhile, due to the close genetic relationship with humans, immunized monkeys have more potential to be isolated high-affinity anti-membrane protein antibodies than other species, such as rat and mouse, and concerns of immunogenicity will also be minimum.

Creative Biolabs has long been dedicated to tailoring highly specific, high-affinity antibodies targeting various membrane proteins. We offer one-stop solutions to best address custom demands. Except for monkey, many other host species are also available for your selection:

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