Single Domain Antibody Discovery against Membrane Proteins by DNA Immunization

Creative Biolabs has established a world-leading platform for single domain antibody discovery against membrane protein targets using our proprietary DNA immunization strategy. With over 10 years of experience in providing professional antibody phage display and antibody engineering services, we have become a well recognized leader in the field of single domain antibody production and single domain antibody library. Our scientists are experienced in generating high affinity single domain antibodies against any targets, particularly integral membrane proteins in their native conformation.

Camelid single domain antibody (also known as sdAb and VHH) from camels, llamas and alpacas have been proven to be an excellent antibody format in cancer drug research. The small size and unusually long CDR3s have given them potential as diagnostic tools and for therapeutic applications. During the past years, therapeutic single domain antibodies against cancer-specific drug targets such as EGFR, HER2 and VEGFA have successfully been developed. Abylnx’s ozoralizumab (ATN-103, a trivalent, bispecific single domain antibody that potently neutralizes TNFα) had received promising data in phase II clinical trials. Nevertheless, it is still extremely difficult to obtain single domain antibodies against membrane protein targets, especially for multiple-spanning membrane embedded proteins which present the most important group of principal therapeutic targets, such as GPCRs, .

Creative Biolabs has developed a robust and highly effective strategy for generating single domain antibodies targeting membrane proteins. With rich successful experience in conducting DNA immunization on various species, our staff scientists are pleased to design the best fit immunization procedure for your interest membrane target to ensure maximum immune response, which incorporates optimized boost schedule and electroporation; whole cell immunization as well as other unique methods will be adopted to enhance the immunization efficiency. Followed by high-throughput screening on cell lines expressing target membrane proteins in native conformation and subsequent analysis by FACS, we have successfully selected a great many potent single domain antibodies at nanomolar or sub-nanomolar level, and several of them have inhibitory or antagonist activities. Besides developing single domain antibodies against membrane proteins, Creative Biolabs also provide a full range of single domain antibody services. We are especially experienced in single domain antibody affinity maturation and human or humanized single domain antibody production projects. In addition, we provide large scale production of recombinant single domain antibodies at the most competitive price.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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