Magic™ Human Single Domain Antibody Production Using Transgenic Mice

Creative Biolabs is professional in discovery and engineering of single domain antibodies (sdAb). Our vast expertise in developing impeccable sdAbs covers not only immunization of natural sdAb-producing animals (e.g. camels, llamas), but also utilizing the genetically “humanized” mice. This novel Magic™ Human Antibody Discovery Platform provides an invaluable approach to obtain fully human sdAb for various therapeutic and diagnostic applications.

Single domain antibody, also known as domain antibody, HCAb, VHH, is a special class of antibody fragments found in camelids (like camels, llamas, etc.) and sharks. In contrast to normal Igs, sdAbs are antibody fragments consist of only single monomeric VH domain, lacking the CH1 region and the complete light chain. Therefore, it represents the smallest antibody (12-15 kDa) that exerts therapeutic or diagnostic functions (the MW of conventional IgGs is usually 150-160 kDa). Due to its small size, sdAbs can be extremely beneficial in tissue penetration, recognizing conformational epitopes, bioavailability optimization, and prokaryotic expression. In addition, they are also highly stable and easily amendable to multiple engineering procedures.

Give these appealing characteristics, Creative Biolabs has long been committed to the sdAb development and engineering via a full range of leading-edge technologies. We have three methods for discovering sdAbs against a certain target. The first is to construct and screen phage display libraries raised from immunized camels and llamas. The second is to perform high-throughput screening of our high-quality premade sdAb libraries. The last and most special strategy is to immunize transgenic mice that produce human sdAbs.

Transgenic mouse can be defined as a genetically modified mouse that can generate 100% human origin antibodies. This is achieved by introducing human Ig transloci into mouse embryonic cells, and meanwhile silencing endogenous mouse Ig gene by designed zinc finger nuclease. Hence, it can be taken as a mouse on the outside with a human immune machinery on the inside. Of note, Creative Biolabs has just introduced a novel mouse strain with only V, D, J segments of human heavy chains, with no CH and light chains. As a result, when challenged with antigens, the mouse will produce sdAbs with fully human VH regions.

This featured transgenic mouse makes an excellent choice for developing therapeutic/diagnostic sdAbs, with following advantages over alternative methods:

With our extensive expertise and leading-edge technology platforms, Creative Biolabs can guarantee the most professional and reliable service for our global clients. Please feel free to inquiry us for more details.

Magic™ Human Single Domain Antibody Production using Transgenic Mice

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