Native™ Camel Antibody Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs provides the unique Native™ service to generate native camel monoclonal antibody for customers all over the world.
Camelid, which includes dromedaries, camels, llamas, alpacas, etc., is unique among mammals for producing novel functional antibodies. Other than conventional antibody which is composed of heavy chains and light chains, a unique type of camel antibody is, in contrary, devoid of light chains and merely formed by two identical heavy chains. In addition, these heavy chains are lack of CH1 domain and each heavy chain only contain a single monomeric variable region in Fab domains (Fig. 1), which is called as VHH fragments. These novel camel antibodies are termed as heavy-chain antibodies and count for about 50% of the antibodies in camelids. They are as specific as regular antibodies and in some cases more robust. Due to the VHH fragments and smaller size, camel heavy-chain antibodies are able to transform into bacterial cells easier, which is more ideal for research purposes. With further modification, the VHH fragments can also be developed as single domain antibodies.

Single domain antibody (sdAb) is the single monomeric variable domain of a whole antibody which can also bind to a specific antigen selectively. The first single domain antibody was actually engineered from VHH fragments of camel heavy-chain antibodies. It is also available to engineer single domain antibodies from the VNAR fragments of cartilaginous fishes heavy-chain antibodies. Compared with common antibodies (150-160 kDa) and other engineered antibody fragments, such as Fab (~50 kDa) and scFv (~25 kDa), single domain antibodies have much smaller molecular weight of only 12-15 kDa. This property enables single domain antibody to penetrate tissues easier in vivo to improve bioavailability for pharmaceutical applications.

Creative Biolabs has developed the proprietary Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform to generate these camelid monoclonal antibodies with native characteristic. Based on the antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology, a great deal of candidate camelid antibodies can be acquired and, more ideally, with native paired heavy-chains. Moreover, these native camelid antibodies have gone through the in vivo affinity maturation which provides higher specificity and affinity than other traditional production techniques and are readily available for subsequent research or single domain antibody development.

As a pioneer and industry leader in the field of antibody generation, Creative Biolabs has more than ten years’ research and development experience. Over the past decade, thousands of antibodies using various techniques have been made and tailored to the needs of our global clients. Our dedicated scientists are pleased to offer the best service and to produce the most reliable antibodies to meet each specific objective.

Fig.1 Comparison between Human antibody and Camelid antibody. Fig. 1 Comparison between Human antibody and Camelid antibody.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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