Native™ Monkey (NHP) Antibody Discovery Service

Native™ Monkey (NHP) Antibody Discovery Service

Creative Biolabs offers a unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform to generate high affinity and specific native monkey (NHP) monoclonal antibodies.

In comparison with other experimental animals, monkey, the most frequently used non-human primate, is characterized as a large animal with closer genetic relationship to human, which established similarities to the human in terms of physiology, neuroanatomy, reproduction, development, cognition and social complexity. This close phylogenetic relationship also results in the clinically, microbiologically and immunologically similarities with humans and makes NHP become a valuable animal model for basic research into human diseases, for the preclinical validation of new therapeutics or for other biological phenomena. In the last decade, many of the medical and scientific advances are owed to the research of monkey, especially in the field of antibody discovery and development.

Currently, monkey monoclonal antibodies have becoming an incredible source of human therapeutic antibody development. Theoretically, the best approach to obtain high-affinity human antibodies is construction and screening of immunized human antibody libraries. Because of the ethical and practical reasons, it is obviously impossible to immunize human beings with antigens of interest. As an alternative solution, monkey can be utilized instead of humans for immunization and preclinical safety assessment of produced antibodies. Due to the close genetic relationship with humans, immunized NHPs have more potential to be isolated high affinity antibody fragments than other experimental species, such as rat and rabbit. Meanwhile, with appropriate method, NHP antibodies are able to be humanized without any loss of affinity.

In demand of humanization or other relevant applications, even higher affinity monkey (NHP) monoclonal antibodies can be achieved from Creative Biolabs. The Creative Biolabs research team have developed the Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform combined with the antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology. This platform can isolate large amount of candidate antibodies with in vivo native paired heavy- and light-chains. Due to the native characteristics, these monkey (NHP) antibodies are predicted to have higher specificity and affinity than produced by other technologies. Furthermore, our native monkey (NHP) antibody is considered more promising in subsequent drug development, as well as in humanization of monkey antibody.

With years of research and development experience in monoclonal antibody production, Creative Biolabs is pleased to apply our professional skills to assist the customers’ research goals. It is our commitment to provide the best service and to supply the most reliable products for customers all over the world.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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