Molecular biology and R&D departments at Creative Biolabs have rich experience in biomarker discovery, cell line development and optimization, peptide synthesis and recombinant protein expression, and monoclonal as well as polyclonal antibody development. After the proof-of-concept, our customer services team can provide in vitro diagnostic (IVD) materials and reagents development services covering custom blocking solutions, enzyme substrates, IVD antibodies, IVD antibody pairs and other assay reagents. Conjugates to haptens, fluorophores, infrared dyes and chemiluminescent reporters could be tailored according to project demands. Creative Biolabs also provides validation and characterization services including the limit of detection, the limit of blank, limit of quantification, linearity and spiked recoveries, and interfering substances evaluation.

Rigorous QC Testing
We understand the unique challenges faced by critical reagent supply-chain vendors and are committed to providing the highest quality IVD materials and reagent development services. Our products go through rigorous quality control testing that provides dependable and repeatable results.
Available General-Purpose Reagents
Creative Biolabs has developed a portfolio of general-purpose reagents to be used in a broad range of diagnostic applications for research use. The use of these reagent materials does not depend on specific equipment.

Our Services Portfolio Includes:

Target-specific Primary Antibodies
We can develop unlabeled or directly-labeled detection antibodies or suggest appropriate antibody pairs for sandwich immunoassays.
Conjugated Secondary Antibodies
Secondary antibodies are available with fluorescent dyes, enzymatic labels or other reporters. Our scientists can tailor the amount of labeling to ensure the optimal signal for reporting in immunoassays.
Disease-specific Antibodies
Development services are available for various areas of disease including infectious disease, autoimmune disease and cancer. Antibodies can be customized for use in methods such as ELISA, ECL, and IHC.
Diagnostic-Grade Diluents, Blocking Reagents, Enzymatic Substrates & Physiological Buffers
Besides antibody materials, diluents, buffers, and blocking reagents are also essential for any immunoassay to limit non-specific binding and reduce background signal, which increases the sensitivity of the assay. Diluents and buffered saline products are available to help maintain physiological conditions within the assay, to reduce the severity of effects the analyte matrix can have on the immunochemistry, and to positively affect antibody binding through pH changes. Substrates are also available and can be conjugated to either peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase, or beta galactosidase to produce a colorimetric, fluorometric, or chemiluminescent signal.
Reagents for Red Blood Cell & Heterophilic Interference
Red blood cells (RBCs) can pose unique challenges for immunoassays. Since the number of blood samples is increasing, Creative Biolabs has developed numerous anti-RBC antibodies to sequester and agglutinate the RBCs, preventing them from interfering in the assay.

Creative Biolabs can provide a global solution for academic diagnostic research, with targeted support and a focus on customer satisfaction. Questions about immunoassay materials? We're happy to answer any questions you have regarding our products and services! Contact us for more information.

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