Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Spot Assay (ELISpot)

Creative Biolabs has been a long-term expert in the field of IVD development. Based on our advanced enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot assay (ELISpot) platforms and extensive experience, we have won a good reputation for accomplishing numerous challenging projects.

ELISpot Platform

ELISpot is a sensitive technique for the detection of cytokines released by immune cells. The method is well established and correlates closely with the ELISA technique. ELISpot assay was initially developed for the detection of individual B cells secreting antigen-specific antibodies. Later it is adapted for the detection of individual cells secreting specific cytokines or other antigens. Like an ELISA, the bound cytokine can then be detected by a second antibody coupled with a detection system. However, unlike ELISA, the detected analyte is visualized as a colored spot, with each spot representing an individual analyte-secreting cell. These spots are usually counted with an automated ELISpot reader to capture the microwell images and analyze spot number and size.


  • Advantages of ELISpot

The ELISpot assay has the advantage of detecting cytokines produced during the entire incubation period and is also more sensitive than ELISA, allowing the detection of cytokines released at lower concentrations or by a small number of cells. It is also very versatile since it can be tailored to detect a wide variety of very specific secretions. Moreover, ELISpot is easy to perform and quantify the results and provides evidence of the secretory product of individual activated or responding cells.

  • Applications of ELISpot

The ELISpot technique represents one of the most sensitive methods for many research fields: vaccine development, cancer research, allergy and transplantation research, monocytes/macrophages/dendritic cells characterization, apolipoproteins analysis, and veterinary research. For example, ELISpot has been widely adopted for monitoring rare antigen-specific T cells and B cells in responses to the vaccine in cancer patients. With the ELISpot, you can study antigen-specific cytokine responses, antibody specific secreting cells, tumor antigens, vaccine efficacy, vaccine-induced antibody responses, antigen-specific memory B cells, and much more.

Services based on our ELISpot Platform

ELISPOT can be used in many research areas and, because of its high sensitivity, it can become a valuable diagnostic tool. Our professional team has currently developed the ELISpot platform and set up a series of one-stop procedures to assist your ELISpot based kits development with the highest efficiency and the best quality. Our professional team is optimized to help you with high-quality and cost-effective testing service to make your project a success.

Creative Biolabs is an indisputable leader in the IVD field. We have been committed to offering customers impeccable ELISpot services based on brilliant technical scientists, advanced techniques, and a reliable and robust ELISpot system that can meet each customer's requirements. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help.


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