Peparray™ High Throughput Screening (HTS) Peptide Array Platform

Creative Biolabs is a well-recognized service provider who is professional in applying peptide array for a broad range of project objectives. With years of experience, our scientists have developed a Peparray™ high throughput screening (HTS) peptide array platform for various purposes. We can provide peptide array design and scalable, reproducible photolithographic synthesis of high-quality peptide arrays. Moreover, we can offer the best services from interaction analysis to antibody repertoire profiling.

Over 20 therapeutic antibody-based drugs now on the market and over 100 in clinical trials, the field of antibody therapeutics has become a central component of the pharmaceutical industry. Antibody binding specificity is a major concern in therapeutic antibody development and diagnostics. Protein arrays, Western Blots, immunohistochemical stains and small peptide libraries are typical approaches in assessing antibody specificity. However, these methods have significant limitations including narrow sequence space coverage, limited throughput, difficulty in identifying binding targets and a lack of quantitative capability.

Diagrammatic representation of the effect of spacing peptides on the surface of a microarray (Sykes et al. 2013).
Fig.1 Diagrammatic representation of the effect of spacing peptides on the surface of a microarray (Sykes et al. 2013).

Creative Biolabs has developed a cutting-edge Peparray™ HTS peptide array platform. There are about 41M peptides on one chip, and therefore the diversity is very good for different screening purposes. We can use this advanced platform to address the need for a quantitative antibody binding specificity measurement with high throughput and quality, without the limitations of existing approaches. Specifically, there are two important points on our Peparray™ HTS peptide array platform: 1) All assays are performed in a high-throughput 96-well format, 2) Diverse specificity metrics are measured with a 126K peptide members array library in each well.

Key features of Peparray™ HTS peptide array platform:

Equipped with world-leading technology platforms and professional scientific staff in peptide array, we also provide a series of analysis services including but not limit to:

In terms of the extensive experience in peptide array, Creative Biolabs is able to provide peptide array related services for our customers all over the world. Through our advanced Peparray™ HTS peptide array platform, Creative Biolabs is proud to offer our clients a series of peptide array services with the best quality and most competitive price.

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