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Antibody Production by Liposome Immunization

Creative Biolabs has established a world-leading platform for antibody discovery against weak immunogenic immungens using our Liposome Immunization Technology. As a highly optimized service, this liposome immunization technology relies on a proprietary liposome immunization procedure using liposome-encapsulated weak immunogenic immungens. Typical weak immunogenic immunigens include polysaccharide, lipid, glycolipid, DNA, etc.

Antibody Production by Liposome Immunization
Liposome is a new type of immunogen delivery system to induce immune responses by intranasal, intramuscular and intraperitoneal immunization. It has been recognized as novel adjuvant and vaccine delivery system thanks to its unique advantages over traditional carrier proteins on immunogenic stimulation. A non-immunogenic substance may be converted to an immunogenic one. Sizes, charges, and components of liposomes could be easily adjusted to cope with the need of different antigens; liposomes increase the antigen presentation to APCs and have no side-effects. Our approach combines liposome encapsulation, specific delivery sites and the use of a heterologous immunization regimen. The size of liposomes produced in Creative Biolabs is designed to be around 200 nm because liposomes with diameters less than 500 nm were shown to efficiently enhance immunogenic performance [1].

Creative Biolabs is the leading liposome immunization company that serves the global market. With our unparalleled expertise in the field, we have achieved high titers of effective antibodies with many weak immunogenic immunogens encapsulated liposomes for our clients.

[1] Carstens MG, Camps MG, Henriksen-Lacey M,Franken K, Ottenhoff TH, Perrie Y, BouwstraJA, Ossendorp F, Jiskoot W. Effect of vesicle sizeon tissue localization and immunogenicity ofliposomal DNA vaccines. Vaccine 2011; 29:4761-70.

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