Antibody Production by Liposome Immunization

Based on our unique liposome immunization strategy, Creative Biolabs has established a world-leading platform for antibody discovery against weak immunogenic antigens. As a highly optimized service, our liposome immunization technology relies on a proprietary liposome immunization procedure using liposome-encapsulated antigens, which including but not limited to the polysaccharide, lipid, glycolipid, and DNA.

Introduction of Liposome

Liposome, also known as the liposome, is a new type of pharmaceutical preparation with targeted drug delivery function. In general, a liposome is a spherical vesicle which contains at least one lipid bilayer. The similar structure with the body’s plasma membrane results in the great biocompatibility of liposomes. In recent years, liposomes have been widely used as carriers of different kinds of antigens. The attached position of antigens to liposomes can be the outer surface, the internal aqueous spaces, and the lipid bilayers. The theoretical basis of liposome immunization is that liposomes have the ability to encapsulate antigens and stimulate antibody production at low doses. Moreover, the potential allergic reactions can also be avoided.

Liposome-based Immunization Strategy

A liposome is a new type of immunogen delivery system which is used to induce immune responses in intranasal, intramuscular, or intraperitoneal immunization. It has been recognized as a novel adjuvant and vaccine delivery system thanks to its unique advantages over traditional carrier proteins on immunogenic stimulation. For example, the sizes, charges, and components of liposomes could be easily adjusted to cope with the need of different antigens; liposomes increase the antigen presentation to APCs and convert the non-immunogenic substance to an immunogenic one; there are no side-effects during the vaccine research and development. Our liposome immunization service combines liposome encapsulation, specific delivery sites and the use of a heterologous immunization regimen. The size of liposomes produced in Creative Biolabs is designed to be around 200 nm as liposomes with diameters less than 500 nm was shown to efficiently enhance immunogenic performance.

The structure of liposome.Fig.1 The structure of liposome.

As one of the most important stage of our antibodies production service, liposome immunization plays an important role. Based on the specific antigens and immunized animals, we are able to choose the best-attached method for the purpose of high-efficient antibody production.

Creative Biolabs is the leading liposome immunization company that serves the global market. With our unparalleled expertise in this field, we have achieved high titers of effective antibodies production with many antigen encapsulated liposomes for our clients all over the world. If you are interested in our liposome immunization service, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.

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