Design and Computational Strategies for Protein Engineering

Creative Biolabs offers customers design and computational strategies for protein engineering to develop proteins of desire properties. We can provide various protein design approaches, including Noncanonical Amino Acids, Design and Synthesis of Artificial Zinc Finger Proteins, computational optimization, selection from combinatorial libraries etc., to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Protein design, as one of the most significant approaches in protein engineering, is the rational design of new protein molecules with novel functions and/or behaviors. Thanks to the great progresses in protein design algorithms, molecular force fields, and structural bioinformatics, computational strategies and tools have been widely used for rational protein engineering (such as design of combinatorial libraries, sequence-function relationship prediction and structure-based molecular modeling). These computational strategies can facilitate the complex calculation on protein flexibility and energetics, and enable searches over huge configuration spaces, which would be otherwise unfeasible to perform manually.

Our design and computational strategies:

  1. Combinatorial Protein Design
  2. Noncanonical Amino Acids
  3. Artificial Zinc Finger Proteins
  4. Ca2+ - CaM - GFP Calcium Indicators
  5. Site-Specific Endonucleases
  6. Modulating Protein Characterization
    • Modulation of Protein Structures
    • Modulation of Intrinsic Properties by Computational Design
    • Modulation of Protein Interactions by Rational and Computational Design
  7. Rotamer Libraries for Molecular Modeling and Design of Proteins
  8. Computer Graphics, Homology Modeling, and Bioinformatics

Figure 1. Computational design of an organophosphate hydrolase. (Manish Kumar Tiwari et al., 2012)


  1. Manish Kumar Tiwari, Ranjitha Singh. Computational approaches for rational design of proteins with novel functionalities. Computational and Structural Biotechnology 2012, September 2(3).

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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