Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery Using Humanized Transgenic Mice

Creative Biolabs now introduces multiple brand-new humanized transgenic mice to discover fully human anti-membrane protein antibodies in a most straightforward and convenient manner. Incorporated with this leading-edge technology as well as skillful technique support, we provide one-stop human antibody development service for both research and industrial customers.

Due to the significance of membrane proteins in diverse cellular activities, anti-membrane protein antibodies are attractive therapeutics for a wide range of diseases. However, one major obstacle to the development of monoclonal antibodies lies in immunogenicity side effects. Antibody humanization, on the other hand, is not only usually time- and cost-intensive, but also with potential risks of compromising antibody original properties. Recently, humanized mouse model has emerged as a promising alternative. By introducing human immunoglobulin loci (heavy and light chains) into germlines deficient in mouse antibody production, this featured mouse strain can generate antigen-specific antibody repertoires with human sequences after immunization. Furthermore, such antibodies are have gone through comprehensive in vivo affinity maturation and class switching procedures that guarantees good affinity and developability, making them ideal choices for therapeutic/diagnostic agents.

Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery Using Humanized Transgenic Mice Fig 1 Construction of transgenic mouse strains.

Empowered by state-of-the-art transgene technology, Creative Biolabs has launched an innovative transgenic mouse strain producing 100% human antibodies (including Fc regions). Apart from this, high immune performance can also be guaranteed. We have successfully generated 3 humanized transgenic mice strains capable of producing human antibodies with VH-VL, heavy chains only and constant VL. Immunization tests reveal this mouse model can react potently to many membrane proteins, especially GPCRs. Incorporated with multiple antibody discovery methodologies like hybridoma, phage display, B cell sorting, humanized mouse can be a powerful toolbox to streamline antibody drug discovery pipeline.

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Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to leveraging our cutting-edge technologies and expertise to facilitate all kinds of custom projects. We are more than happy to provide professional assistance of anti-membrane protein antibody projects to worldwide clients. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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