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Creative Biolabs provides a high-throughput and rapid method for sequencing target-specific peptides isolated from the screening, which capitalizes on next-generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of the selected phage clones. It is a powerful tool in biological research for screening large numbers of peptides in the search for the few, critical bioactive peptides. In combination of our high quality pre-made peptides libraries, we can provide up to 300 unique bioactive peptides for a variety of targets in a short time.

Protein-protein interactions play an important role in signal transduction and cell function. The identification of therapeutically important protein-protein interactions among the thousands of contenders requires a rapid and robust screening method. Fortunately, the display of peptide libraries on phage has been proved as an effective tool for the exploration of ligands for a wide variety of protein targets and the discovery of novel binding partners, such as cytokine and growth factor receptor antagonists and agonists, protease inhibitors and modulators of ligand gated ion channels. Targets like immobilized purified proteins, whole cells and tissues can be used to identify specific high affinity ligands (10-20 amino acids) from both linear and cyclic peptide libraries. The greatest strength of this technology is that ligands to particular target proteins can be identified without prior knowledge of the nature of the interaction.

Usually, isolation of target-specific peptide binders relies on peptide libraries screening-based phage ELISA approaches. These selection methods are typically biased toward the enrichment of the highest frequency peptides binding to the dominant targets, but might not be the bioactive targets. Thus, a significant number of unique clones binding to the interesting dominant targets may be potentially lost.

Creative Biolabs offers a high-throughput Magic™ platform for bioactive peptides discovery. This powerful platform permits the rapid characterization of all clones present in the screened library. The goal is to identify one or more families of peptides that specifically bind to the target protein. Then the libraries, which contain a large number of variants of the lead peptide sequences, can be constructed in affinity selective display systems. A number of oligonucleotide mutagenesis strategies are employed to improve the affinity of these peptides.

Creative Biolabs has applied these techniques to the discovery of high affinity bioactive peptides of cytokine and growth factor receptors, they are applicable to any target that can be produced in a soluble form and immobilized for screening.

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