The Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent (ELISpot) assay has proven to be among the most useful means available for monitoring cell-mediated immunity and has found clinical applications in the diagnosis of tuberculosis and the monitoring of graft tolerance or rejection in transplant patients. Methods based on ELISpot have been developed in Creative Biolabs and we offer a wide range of ELISA kits for specific detection of disease-related proteins. Our professional team is optimized to help you with high-quality and cost-effective testing service to make your project a success.

How does it work?

The ELISpot method was developed for the detection of antigen-specific antibody-secreting cells in a B cell ELISpot assay, a modification of the conventional sandwich ELISA immunoassay. The ELISpot assay has been widely used for monitoring cellular immune responses in humans and other animals and has been clinically applied to the diagnosis of tuberculosis and to monitor graft tolerance or rejection in transplant patients. Since then, the ELISpot assay has been widely used to identify and count cytokine-producing cells at the single cell level, but it is still used to detect ASC. ELISpot technology has proven to be one of the most useful means for monitoring cell-mediated immunity because of its sensitive and accurate detection of rare antigen-specific T cells (or B cells) and the ability to visualize single positive cells within a population of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs).

Illustration of the ELISPOT assay. Fig.1 Illustration of the ELISPOT assay.

Advantages of Our Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Spot (ELISpot) Based Kits Platforms

Creative Biolabs has been devoted for the development of highly sensitive, more flexible, quantitative, and easy-to-use enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot (ELISpot) based Kits. Such method has several advantages, including:

  • Allowing visualization of the secretory product(s) of individual activated or responding cells
  • Providing qualitative information regarding the specific cytokine or other secreted immune molecule
  • Providing quantitative information regarding the frequency of responding cells within the test population
  • Exquisite sensitivity. The frequency analysis of rare antigen-specific cells in the test population has now become relatively simple, which had been impossible to perform prior to its development

Cytokine Bead Arrays (CBA) and conventional ELISA assays can provide extremely useful information in certain contexts but lack the sensitivity and accuracy of ELISPOT for the detection and enumeration of rare antigen-specific cells. Creative Biolabs is a world leader in the development of ELISA based kits and now offers ELISpot based kits for specific detection of disease-related proteins. If you are interested in our ELISA kits development, please feel free to contact us for more details.

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