The impact of the rapid expansion of single cell analysis based on Microfluidics is evident in its great potential for numerous applications, including drug discovery, diagnostics, cancer research, regenerative medicine, system and synthetic biology, and many others. With our highly experienced staff, Creative Biolabs is confident in offering the best single cell analysis services based on Microfluidics to guarantee the most satisfactory results for our customers worldwide.

Single Cell Analysis based on Microfluidics

Microfluidics-platform based on microwells, microvalves, and droplets has emerged as critical enabling tools for high-throughput analysis and single cells sorting in recent years. The implementation of Microfluidic technologies in single cell analysis offers rich information and high throughput screening. It enables the creation of innovative conditions that are impractical or impossible by conventional means. Microfluidics enables the encapsulation and activation of single cells and also allows confining soluble metabolites secreted by activated cells in a relatively small volume. Compartmentalization of single cells in droplets enables the analysis of proteins released from or secreted by cells and links genotype with phenotype through compart-mentalization, thereby overcoming one of the significant limitations of traditional assays. Besides, Microfluidic techniques allow for precise control of the localized microenvironment, which yields more accurate outcomes.

Single-cell transcriptomic and genomic analysis based on Microfluidics.Fig.1 Single-cell transcriptomic and genomic analysis based on Microfluidics. (Murphy, 2018)

Our Single Cell Analysis Services based on Microfluidics

Recent advances in Microfluidics enable systematic high-throughput analyses of individual cells in a highly controlled manner, which has revolutionized both fundamental and applied research fields. By providing high-quality and customized solutions and services, Creative Biolabs is a reliable partner for your single cell analysis development based on Microfluidic technology. Various types of analysis combined with Microfluidic systems for single cell analysis are available at Creative Biolabs, including but not limited to:

  • Single living cell detection
  • Cell lysate analysis
  • Single cell sequencing
  • Single cell genomics
  • Single cell epigenomics
  • Single cell transcriptomics
  • Single cell proteomics
  • Single cell metabolomics
  • Enzyme analysis of single cells
  • Functional studies on single cells
  • Drug studies on single cells
  • Single cell immunology

The ease of generation combined with a simple encapsulation of single cells using a dilute suspension makes Microfluidic the ideal high-throughput platform for single cell analysis. Creative Biolabs is a dependable service provider to offer custom single cell analysis services based on advanced Microfluidic technology for our global customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your particular needs.


  1. Murphy, T.W.; et al. Recent advances in the use of Microfluidic technologies for single cell analysis. Analyst. 2018, 143(1), pp.60-80.

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