New drug discovery and development are accompanied by high cost and prolonged timeline which are major roadblocks for creating therapies for infectious diseases. To discover economically viable new treatments against various diseases, Creative Biolabs takes a repurposing approach for drug discovery.

Antifungal Drug Repurposing

Drug resistance has become a burgeoning epidemic that necessitates urgent action. For instance, invasive fungal and bacterial infections afflict millions of patients to deaths annually. However, current treatments do not work very efficiently, and new drugs need long time scope for administration. Repurposing of approved drugs allows largely cut of the overall cost as it bypasses much of the preclinical work and early-stage clinical trials required for new medicines. It is a trend and approximately 30% of newly approved FDA drugs and vaccines have been repurposed. The permitted drugs are better understood of the overall pharmacology properties [such as pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) properties] and have been established an appropriate dosing regimen for patients, which make old drugs useful sources in new drug discovery.

Creative Biolabs provides several techniques to identify previously developed drugs with bioactivity.

In Silico Drug Repositioning

In silico drug repositioning refers to utilize online public databases and bioinformatics tools to identify interaction networks between drugs and targets. As years of accumulation of structure information of proteins and therapeutic compounds, Creative Biolabs provides in silico drug repositioning service to discover potential antifungal medicines. With our advancement of bioinformatics and computational science, this in silico approach has increasingly successful application. In silico drug repositioning is becoming a powerful tool and has unique advantages, such as high speed and low cost. Our in silico drug repositioning platform represents an alternative and complementary approach for activity-based drug discovery.

Activity-Based Drug Repositioning

Activity-based drug repositioning includes several target-based and cell-based techniques which can employ screens without requiring structural information of targets or compounds. By high throughput technologies, such as HTS and HCS, Creative Biolabs is able to detect drugs that directly have efficacy from thousands of off-patent medications. This approach may propose new molecular targets that contribute to the mechanism of drug activity.

Efflux Pump Inhibitors Screening

Efflux pump plays a vitally important role in drug resistance. For example, fungal resistance to azole drugs (like fluconazole) is often caused by increasing expression of plasma membrane efflux pumps. Screening of efflux pump inhibitors would reduce drug resistance. Creative Biolabs provides a screening platform to identify new candidate compounds that block efflux pumps. By using multiplexed fluorescent labels, multi variables can be simultaneously assessed.

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