One of the most attractive antifungal drug targets is the fungal cell wall. The cell wall is absent from host cells and, in a sense, represents a typical histological denominator between the eukaryotic fungi and prokaryotic bacteria. Creative Biolabs has developed a top class drug discovery platform to identify new drug targets for infectious fungi, particularly cell wall targets. Besides, we also have extensive experience in identifying cell wall targets for bacteria.

Fungal cell wall potentially fulfills the principle of an ideal antifungal drug target: widely distributed amongst fungal species, essential for fungal cell viability and pathogenicity but not found in humans. Disruption of the cell wall renders the fungus susceptible to lysis or death. The fungal cell wall is a three-dimensional mesh consuming about one-quarter of fungal cell biomass. About one-third of the fungal genome is involved in cell wall biosynthesis and maintenance. The composition of the cell wall can be different between genera, among species of the same genus, and between disseminated growth and biofilms.

A variety of genomics tools and in vivo models are incorporated for target identification and validation. Key components of this platform include:

  • Target Identification
  • Target Validation In Vitro
  • Target Validation In Vivo

Fungal Cell Wall Targets Identification

Target Identification

Creative Biolabs provides unique platforms for target identification. Combining with advanced bioinformatics, gene manipulation tools, and DNA microarray approach, we are able to identify genes with a suggested role in the fungal cell wall. Our portfolio of novel target genes includes small molecule drug targets and genes related to survival and virulence. The services including:

Target Validation In Vitro

Creative Biolabs validates novel targets using a variety of in vitro approaches, including gene expression profiling and gene editing. We have recently developed a number of high throughput assays for target validation, utilizing leading-edge technologies such as RNAi screening, gene knockout, and other gene-silencing methods to determine the functional effect of targets. Exact target structural information also can be obtained via different approaches to defining topographies of the complementary surfaces of ligands and for mode-of-action (MOA) studies. Several functional analyses, including digital imaging, metabolic pathway analysis, fungal growth inhibition test, target localization, and also the validation of targets are provided.

Target Validation In Vivo

Animal models of fungal pathogenesis provide important in vivo verification whether genetic mutations abrogate (or attenuate) the virulence of the pathogens. Creative Biolabs provides early in vivo proof of concept models, which enable adaption on your preferred strains and species quickly and providing vital data for target genes.

Creative Biolabs also provides other drug discovery services. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.

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