Hit Identification

Hit identification is the first committed step for a successful drug discovery project. In this process, the right small molecules, also called hits, which binding to the target and modifying its function are identified. High quality of the starting hits make faster progress with lower attrition rates in drug discovery project. Creative Biolabs offers a range of customized approaches to deliver high-quality, validated hits to help you successful with your research. Our highly experienced team will give you advice for the best identification approach depending on the nature of the project and the resources availability.

Virtual Screening

We offer in silico screening service supported by our millions of compound libraries. Our screening team applies patented virtual screening software that uses laws of quantum and molecular physics based on structural information. Our virtual screening service is of excellent quality and accuracy.

Compound Libraries

We provide several types of compound libraries, including natural product library, target-specific libraries, and FDA approved drug library. Our compound libraries consist of over 3000 molecules, and their biological and pharmacological activities are fully validated. These libraries are ready to use for high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS).

Antibody Discovery

Creative Biolabs is a leading provider that focuses on developing antibody drugs with high specific and affinity for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use. We are able to discover antibody that can promote the desired biological response while avoiding off-target binding and toxicity.

High Throughput Screening

High throughput screening (HTS) is an automatic screening technique via a yes/no sensitive detector to find inhibitors for therapeutic targets. It is a combination of robotics, data processing, and data control processes. Such screening may identify one or few compounds from hundreds, thousands or even millions of compounds with the ability to inhibit the activity of targets.

Fragment-Based Screening

Creative Biolabs has extensive capabilities in fragment-based screening. We use many biophysical techniques to measure low binding affinities of the fragments, like surface plasmon resonance (SPR), magnetic resonance spectrometry (NMR), X-ray crystallography. Our orthogonal fragment screening technology allows us to discovery solutions to a wide array of target types.

Phenotypic Screening

Creative Biolabs offers services of screening compounds in cellular models. The phenotypic screening technologies include high content screening and flow cytometry. Based on our panels of 100 morphological and molecular readouts and multi-parameter analyses, we enable accurate hit identification.

Secondary Screening

Secondary screening is designed to confirm hits efficacy by a functional cellular assay. Creative Biolabs serves an efficient secondary screening platform to avoid target-compound binding mistakes from HTS assays. It can be a second messenger assay or in a tissue-based or cell-based bioassay.

Drug Repurposing

To discover economical viable new therapies against infectious diseases, Creative Biolabs take a drug repurposing approach to support your drug discovery process.

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