Target Identification and Validation

The first step for drug discovery is target identification. Creative Biolabs provides the world's leading target screening, structural characterization, and functional profiling services for identifying potential drug targets.

A lethal drug should have the desired activity for inactivating targets but with low host toxicity. Therefore, a suitable target should meet the following criteria:

  • Present in a broad spectrum of pathogens (or diseased cells).
  • Essential for the life of a pathogen.
  • Not found in host cells.

For a given target, their structures, roles in a cell and key molecular pathways need to be fully tested to confirm its actual role in a given disease.

To assist our clients' specific objectives of antifungal drug discovery, Creative Biolabs is proud to offer the most comprehensive services list which has covered each essential milestone. We offer target identification and validation service for several disease models, such as antifungal drugs. On the other hand, our Ph.D. level research group is also confident in tailoring the one-stop target identification and validation service to achieve your goals in a high-quality, reliable and cost-effective manner.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Creative Biolabs offers different possibilities for fungal whole genome sequencing to help you investigate key fungal genes and characterize specific gene functions for target identification and validation process.

Computer-Aided Target Identification and Validation

Creative Biolabs’ computer-aided target identification and validation service uses sophisticated chemistry simulation software to help identify and confirm therapeutic targets.

Gene Expression Profiling

Creative Biolabs provides gene expression profiling service to identify novel antifungal drug targets. It is a genome-wide transcriptome analysis at DNA and RNA levels.

Natural Bioactive Compound Target Identification

Knowing the cellular targets of a drug is crucial for the process of drug discovery. Creative Biolabs offers a full spectrum of target identification service associated with bioactive antifungal natural compounds.

Gene Manipulation

Creative Biolabs can help you screen and validate potential targets by using several gene manipulation methods related to genome editing and gene silencing.

Structure Determination

With years of drug discovery experience, Creative Biolabs can offer high-quality structure determination services to meet all your requirements.

Functional Analysis

Creative Biolabs can provide custom tailored functional analysis services with several strategies based on the advanced target ID and validation platform.

In Vivo Target Validation

Creative Biolabs provides early in vivo proof of concept models, which can quickly adapt to your preferred strains and species and provide key data for target genes.

Cell Wall Targets Identification

Creative Biolabs has developed a top class drug discovery platform to identify new drug targets for infectious fungi, particularly cell wall targets.

Identification of Biomarkers by ORFeome Phage Display

Creative Biolabs has developed an extensive and comprehensive strategy for the identification of biomarkers related to pathogens by ORFeome phage display.

Target Discovery for Cancer Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy comes in a variety of forms and is a potential strategy to treat all cancers. Creative Biolabs leverages different platforms for target discovery and provides more momentum for cancer immunotherapy.

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