Hit to Lead

Once a compound is identified as “active” through primary screening, more deep characterization of the compound is needed for studying the effect, biophysical characters and cellular activities.

Creative Biolabs provides hit to lead service to help you determine various physical, biological and chemical characters of the hits. Our medicinal chemists deliver the most high-quality lead series to our clients within agreed timelines across a broad range of target classes. This process is speed up by using parallel evaluation methods. By this project, compound scope for further optimization is narrowed. Generally, only two or three leads are left for further optimization.

Our ultimate goal of a hit-to-lead program is to identify most likely leads with improved potency, reduced off-target activities, and physiochemical/metabolic properties suggestive of reasonable in vivo pharmacokinetics. Creative Biolabs makes the final determinations of suitability for subsequent chemical optimization studies.

Hit Characterization

Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive hit characterization service. In this system, various cheminformatics tools are used to help you analyze, simulate, model and manipulate small compounds and therapeutic antibodies. We also provide techniques for biophysical characterization and SAR/QSAR modeling.

Developability Assessment of Biopharmaceutical Candidates

The direct transition of molecules selected during early discovery stage with suboptimal properties to late-stage development may increase failures or require expensive and time-consuming formulation and development efforts. Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive and state-of-the-art CreDA™ developability assessment services for your drug candidates, in order to address the issues that may lead to potential clinical failure. Through the assessment, the most promising candidate is screened out or engineered to fulfill the manufacturing, formulation, and safety characteristics before further moved to the expensive development process.

Molecular Engineering

Creative Biolabs has extensive ability to engineer and optimize a hit to make it more suitable for a drug candidate. We provide you both structure-based drug design service for small molecular compound and antibody engineering service for therapeutic antibodies.

Antibody Expression

Creative Biolabs provides the high-efficiency antibody production services for all kinds of expression systems. With our top technical scientists and unique optimized protocols, we can rapidly evaluate and identify the optimal expression condition for a candidate antibody to meet our customer’s special requirements.

In Vitro Pharmacodynamics

Creative Biolabs dedicates to providing several services to assess pharmacodynamics (PD) for both therapeutic antibodies and small compounds. Helped by our PD service, a hit’s dose, duration of the effect is determined. Besides, we offer several strategies of MOA analysis.

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