Creative Biolabs ' computer-aided target identification and validation service uses sophisticated chemistry simulation software to help identify and confirm therapeutic targets.

With our powerful computer-aided platform, we provide various bioinformatics information such as gene expression, proteomics and transgenic phenotyping. The computer-aided platform takes advantages of high accuracy and short turnaround time. The bioinformatical approach can be used to identify pathogenesis-associated genes and genes involved in interactions between infectious disease and hosts. These genes may perform as potential drug targets. Besides identifying potential targets, bioinformatics can facilitate the prioritization of potential targets, elucidate complex metabolic pathways, aid in the identification of beneficial metabolites, and enhance validation of targets.

Figure 1. Typical receptor-based virtual screening scheme consisting of many steps in repeated cycles. (Yadav and Singh, 2013) Figure 1. Typical receptor-based virtual screening scheme consisting of many steps in repeated cycles. (Yadav and Singh, 2013)

Creative Biolabs offers various computer-aided services, including but not restricted to the following:

In Silico Target Prediction

In silico prediction is a powerful tool that could be employed to discover therapeutic drug targets for an individual molecule of interest. Virtually screening approaches, including 2D similarity searches, 3D pharmacophore searches, and high throughput docking, are employed to screen databases in the protein and compound library to predict potential targets. This virtual screening platform can then be used as tools for drug repositioning (repurposing), hit identifying, specificity and toxicity testing, target-focused compound libraries designing, metabolites identifying, and focused libraries testing for selectivity.

In Silico Protein Modeling

Protein modeling is a strong competency at Creative Biolabs. We offer in silico protein modeling service to predict the secondary and tertiary structures of target proteins. The accurate structure allows accurate result for structure-based drug design, function analysis, and toxicity prediction. We use three different methods for predicting the 3D structures of proteins: homology modeling, protein threading (or fold recognition), and ab initio methods. Our professional team has extensive experience in conformational prediction, protein modeling and protein properties mining. Our protein modeling tools are full scope and high interoperability, which make us superior to competitors in the field.

In Silico Functional Analysis

Our customized functional analyses combine diverse data sources covering metabolic pathways, biomarkers, small molecule modulators, target-compound interactions, etc. to provide holistic information for any specific target. Our world class in silico analyses enables researchers to identify the genetic basis to characterize the functional potential of diseases. The target discovery process is made simpler with our analytic target reports, which are tailor-made to suit customers' specifications and support their target research.

Pathogenicity Islands (PAIs) Identification

One of the important applications of bacterial genome analysis is the identification of pathogenicity islands (PAIs) namely virulence genes, which can provide insights into the pathogenesis of bacterial pathogens and promise antibacterial drug targets. Creative Biolabs has developed an excellent genomic sequencing and analysis platform to identify PAIs for further antibacterial drug targets identification.

Creative Biolabs will be with you every step of your way. Our bioinformatics support provides a wide array of services that help you in processing your research.

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.


  1. Yadav M and Singh G (2013). “Virtual screening of ligand molecules for target protein CYP26A1 by using AutoDock-Vina.” IJIRSET 2(9): 4915–4920.

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