Molecular Engineering

In a hit to lead process, the aims of molecular engineering are designing and testing of molecular properties, behavior and interactions in order to provide drug molecules with better functions. Molecular engineering requires rigorous rational molecular design approaches towards systems of high complexity. Creative Biolabs has extensive ability to engineer and optimize a hit to make it more suitable for a drug candidate. We provide you structure-based drug design service and chemical synthesis service for small molecular compound and antibody engineering service for therapeutic antibodies.

Structure-Based Drug Design

Structure-based drug design is the design and optimization of a hit's structure to make it more suitable for becoming a drug candidate. The structure-based design is based on a thoroughly understanding of various characters of a hit, which means how its shape and charge inhibit its targets. Structure-based drug design may lead to identify potential new binding interactions or contribute to improving ADME, potency, and selectivity without disrupting key receptor interactions.

Creative Biolabs provides one-stop service for structure-based drug design. We provide inspection, virtual screening, de novo lead generation and high throughput screening platforms for generating the most suitable molecules.

Chemical Synthesis

Our company is able to synthesize nearly all compounds you required. We are able to offer a broad range of materials used in this process, including intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, and derivatives. The scales of compounds range from milligrams to multi-gram, and we can offer purification service to improve the purity as well.

We have an innovative platform for chemical synthesis. Our specialized synthesis team has developed tools which open new possibilities to discover synthetic pathways, explore conditions, and optimize reaction parameters. Our synthesis reactor systems also can offer condition control, data management, and procedure optimization services which significantly reduced costs and overall producing time. Depending on your goal of the investigation and the output volume you required, our researchers will help you choose an appropriate version of synthesis reactor.

Antibody Engineering

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider that focuses on antibody engineering for research, diagnostic and therapeutic use. We have devoted to the field of antibody engineering for over decade and established a series of comprehensive platforms to integrate various antibody engineering services. With the extensive experience, abundant industry knowledge and advanced technical skills, our scientists are fully confident in accomplishing even the most challenging antibody engineering project.

Our service portfolio includes Fv and CDRs structure prediction, antibody-antigen recognition, antibody affinity maturation, antibody stability improvement, antibody allosteric analysis, de novo antibody design, modular antibody design, and other antibody specialization services.

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