Creative Biolabs offers different possibilities for whole genome sequencing to help you investigate key genes and characterize specific gene functions for target identification and validation process.

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is a powerful approach that harnesses the advanced NGS technology to sequence an entire genome. It sequences not only all of chromosomal DNA but also DNA contains in the mitochondria. The results contain information of DNA sequence as well as genetic relationships, origin or susceptibility to specific drugs.

Determining the complete genome sequence can be a long and complex way. Creative Biolabs simplifies the complete sequencing process and improves the overall efficiency of our customized WGS project. In order to apply the most appropriate sequencing strategy for you, several factors are taken into concerns, including the required level of finishing, expected genome size, and complexity of the genome. We offer the latest next generation sequencing technologies to ensure high accurate results, state-of-the-art bioinformatics, lowest overall costs, and fast turnaround times.

Cost-effective de novo sequencing using Illumina technology

Illumina sequencing technologies (e.g. HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq) are suitable for cost-effective de novo sequencing. The advantages of Illumina technology are high raw read accuracy, the possibility for paired-end sequencing and mate pair for backbone sequencing. Our workflow ensures highly accurate reads by using multiple alignments of all reads for error correction. Our platform allows you receive the maximum value for your samples. The average genome coverage is 100x.

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Sample extraction and quality capture
We totally understand that the quality of the raw material DNA going into sequencing is directly related to the quality of data coming out. Our understanding and commitment to quality drive us offering a complete suite of sample extraction services. Creative Biolabs has full production lines of manual or automated DNA extraction for your samples. Every vital point during our process is taken full control of the quality.

  • Post extraction: DNA is analyzed to ensure sufficient fragment size and quantity for optimal library preparation.
  • Post library construction: Fragment size and quantity is again analyzed.
  • NGS run: Keep monitoring the quality scores, the number of reads generated, the percentage of reads passing filter, and the average length of reads.

Delivery time is approx. 4-6 weeks. Delivery data includes:

  • Illumina raw data (fastq)
  • Consensus sequence of assembled contigs (fasta)
  • Assembly report (txt)
  • Scaffolding metrics
  • Annotated sequences (Excel and GenBank format)
  • Table of detected modifications (csv, gff)

Bioinformatics analysis
Creative Biolabs provides bioinformatics assistance to address WGS dataset adequately. We have a network of sequence assembly and scaffolding service. Even for long repeat regions, we can still deliver the most complete and accurate genome sequence.

Other optional bioinformatics services include gene annotation service (like gene detection, functional assignment) and modification analysis (such as analyzing the polymerase kinetics, detection of potentially modified bases), which allow a deeper understanding of functional processes and the phenotypic variability of an organism.

The benefits of our WGS service include:

  • Highly cost-effective
  • Quick and accurate
  • Highly experienced
  • Customized bioinformatics analyses available
  • Data quantity analysis report provided

For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us or directly sent us an inquiry.

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