Lead Optimization

Lead optimization is a complex, iterative stage in drug discovery and development. It gives better quality of lead molecules. A confirmed lead is used as a starting point, and its toxicity, potency, stability, bioavailability and other pharmacokinetic parameters are studied in order to improve its target specificity, selectivity, and potency. The optimized molecules may subsequently be developed as drug(s).

Lead Optimization

Creative Biolabs provides world-class lead optimization service. We have well-trained, knowledgeable medicinal chemists and we have many years of experience in drug discovery. We are able to consistently deliver high-quality, accurate drug candidates into investigational new drug (IND) studies within the shortest timeline.

Our integrated ADME, toxicity, and PK studies make this stage highly efficiency. The use of translational biomarkers and radiochemistry make the candidate decision more efficient. With our comprehensive compound data, we enable pharmaceutical companies to overcome synthesis bottlenecks in drug development workflows. Typically two or three lead molecules are optimized in parallel to qualifying a drug candidate.

In Vitro ADME

Creative Biolabs offers services to evaluate drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicology. We are able to offer a wide range of in vitro ADME services and provide unparalleled experience and expertise in every area we offer. Our company is a trusted partner and providing innovative research techniques, both biotech and virtual pharma.

In Vitro Toxicity Test

With vast experience and leading technology platforms, experts in Creative Biolabs are pleased to introduce our impeccable service portfolio of in vitro toxicity test for early lead optimization.

In Vivo PK Studies

Creative Biolabs provides all aspects of in vivo pharmacokinetic support and is offered as part of a complete development program, as a full-service single-study package or as a stand-alone service. These studies can be exploratory or can be more extensive and formalized requiring GLP compliance. With thoroughly understanding the DMPK of a potential clinical candidate, we can help you success in early drug development program.

Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics Studies

Creative Biolabs provides pharmacology and pharmacodynamics analyses and builds various animal models to describe the time course of effect in response to a drug dose.

Anti-Drug Antibody (ADA) Services

Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive anti-drug antibody (ADA) services for global customers to evaluate potential immunogenicity of antibody drugs.

In Vitro Safety Pharmacology Studies

Using a variety of mature and advanced in vitro models such as 3D cultured cells, organoids, organ-on-chips, and 3D bio-printed tissue models, with a solid pharmacological background, and deep experience in drug evaluation, Creative Biolabs is highly qualified for providing you with comprehensive and efficient as well as economical in vitro safety pharmacology study services.

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