Genome Library Construction Service via Lambda Phage

Through years of dedicated research, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed and commercialized an integrated service portfolio based on phage display technology. Currently, Creative Biolabs offers a unique generation service to construct genome library for our global clients by using our novel lambda phage platform.

Bacteriophage lambda is a temperate bacteriophage of E. coli, which can undergo either lytic or lysogenic lifecycle. In the lysogenic state, the phage is stably replicated along with the host by integrating its genome into the bacterial chromosome; while in the lytic state, progeny phages are rapidly assembled and released by cell lysis, just like T4 and T7. Lambda phage has an icosahedral head composed of two major coat proteins, gpE (415 copies) and gpD (405-420 copies), and a single tail composed of gpV. Inside the head there contains its double-strand DNA genome (48502 bp) with two cohesive ends.

In contrast to conventional filamentous phage vehicles, lambda phage offers unique advantages. Particularly, lambda phage represents a feasible choice for constructing complex genome libraries because of its simple structure and flexible DNA. A genomic library is a set of clones that collectively contain every DNA sequence in the genome of a specific organism. With the help of restriction enzymes, extracted genome DNA can be prepared as numerous fragments (15-20 kbp) and inserted into engineered lambda vectors. After packaging the ligated recombinant DNA into lambda phage particles and amplification in host bacterial, a comprehensive library of phage clones each carry a different DNA fragment can be obtained, which collectively constitute the whole genome sequence of the indicated organism.

Lambda phage genomic library contributes to various applications, especially for antigen discovery and immune response investigations. By constructing genome libraries derived from specific pathogens (i.e. virus, bacteria or organ) and screening against the whole antibody repertoire of infected individuals, efficient identification of a large panel of antigenic regions can be achieved. Therefore, lambda phage genome library provides a highlight for improving diagnosis, prophylaxis, and therapy for many life-threatening diseases.

In Creative Biolabs, we can offer multiple lambda vectors containing different restriction sites for your choice. We are able to generate high-quality genome libraries with a trace amount of starting materials, including genomic DNA, chromosomes, uncultured environmental microbes, etc. Special measures are taken to generate DNA fragments with considerate representativeness, which ensures over 95% coverage of the original genome. In addition, we also provide professional screening service against various probes or antibodies.

With our state-of-the-art technology platforms and extensive expertise in phage derived technologies, Creative Biolabs has confidence in delivering first-class lambda phage genome libraries in the most satisfactory manner. In addition, our scientists are also able to offer custom service of lambda phage cDNA library construction as an alternative.

Fig 1. Construction of a genomic library of human DNA in a bacteriophage λ vector. (Berk et al. 2000) Fig 1. Construction of a genomic library of human DNA in a bacteriophage λ vector. (Berk et al. 2000)


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