T7 Phage Library Construction Service

As an undisputed forerunner in phage display and antibody manufacturing, Creative Biolabs has been consistently dedicated to exploring groundbreaking scientific advances while providing comprehensive services. Our scientists are now proud to offer high-class customized service of T7 phage display library construction to support diverse research projects of our worldwide clients.

Phage display is a powerful laboratory approach for identifying multiple molecules that have desirable binding properties. Despite filamentous phages (M13, fd, f1) have long been the most frequently used vehicle, display systems based on other types of phages, especially bacteriophage T7, are gaining more and more attention for their unique features.

T7 Phage Library Construction ServiceSimilar to T4, bacteriophage T7 possesses a head and tail structure. The icosahedral head, where T7 conserves its dsDNA (39937 bp) genome, is composed of 415 copies of capsid gp10, arranged as 60 hexamers on the surface and 11 pentamers at the vertices. Tails are shorter, and not contractible, hence a protein channel from tail to the host cytoplasm would be built during infection. There exist two isoforms of major coat protein gp10, gp10A and gp10B, resulted from natural translational frameshift at amino acid 341. However, functional capsid can be made from either 10A or 10B or complex of random ratios, implying that T7 capsid shell can accommodate variations. Besides, T7 undergoes a lytic lifecycle, and is extremely robust, which can form plaques within 3 h at 37 °C and the release progeny phages 1-2 h after infection, thus significantly reducing the time required for selection. It can also endure harsh conditions that inactive other phages.

T7 phage display system involves the capsid isoform gp10B to display foreign proteins or peptides. The natural translational frameshift site of the gp10 gene is removed in the vector sequence to ensure the only gp10B is expressed. Creative Biolabs offers multiple vector choices for display of different insertion sizes, with different display densities and host bacteria strains. After preparation of recombinant vectors, our scientists use appropriative in vitro packaging extracts to enable efficient construction of high-capacity libraries. The addition of special tags helps to verify the library diversity and achieve high-throughput screening. We also conduct specific biopanning protocols to isolate target antibodies or peptides with ideal properties required by customers.

T7 Phage Library Construction Service

Major advantages of T7 phage display system for library construction including but not limited to:

According to the advanced technical platforms and extensive expertise in phage display field, Creative Biolabs is the right company who can provide high quality and goal-oriented services to boost your library construction projects. Scientists in Creative Biolabs are looking forward to sharing our professional knowledge and providing one-stop solutions for our global customers.

T7 Phage Library Construction Service

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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