Magic™ Membrane Protein Production in Lactococcus Lactis

Creative Biolabs now offers high-quality membrane protein production service utilizing L. lactis system. Empowered by advanced technology platforms and extensive experience in this field, we are dedicated to tailoring various reliable and functional membrane protein products to our worldwide customers.

Since the natural abundance of most membrane proteins is quite low, recombinant expression in heterologous systems is a common option to prepare membrane proteins for functional studies, structure determination, antibody development, etc. Among all kinds of recombinant expression systems (e.g. E. coli., insect, yeast), L. lactis (Lactococcus lactis) has emerged as a useful Gram-positive bacterial system for functional expression of membrane proteins in recent years. Compared with the most widely used Gram-negative Escherichia coli expression system, L. lactis, which is tightly regulated by nisin-controlled gene expression (NICE) system, has more attractive features for eukaryotic membrane protein targets. This well-characterized system is highly versatile and has been widely used in pharmaceutical, medical, and bio- and food-technology applications.

Nisin-controlled gene expression (NICE) system in L. lactis.Fig 1 Nisin-controlled gene expression (NICE) system in L. lactis.

Scientists in Creative Biolabs has rich experience in generating membrane proteins in L. lactis system, including GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters. We offer featured one-stop custom service from initial vector design and construction, protein expression, purification and reconstitution from small to large scales. Besides, versatile reconstitution formats such as liposomes, nanodiscs, polymers, etc. can be utilized to stabilize membrane proteins in proper states. Our technical team will be working closely with you step by step to guarantee the most satisfactory outcomes.

Advantages of L. lactis as the host organism for membrane protein expression include:

  1. Rapid growth, anaerobe-aerobe, and easy to scale up
  2. Efficient targeting of membrane proteins into a single glycolipid cytoplasmic membrane
  3. Free of concerns for inclusion body formation and/or endotoxin production
  4. Strong and tightly regulated nisin A promoter systems
  5. Able to express membrane proteins in their oligomeric state
  6. Moderate proteolytic activity to enhance the stability of membrane proteins
  7. Easy purification due to few endogenous contaminant proteins.

With more than a decade’s experience, Creative Biolabs has long been devoted to offering time- and cost-saving membrane protein services to address diverse custom demands. Based on our all-around Magic™ membrane protein platform, we are able to offer customized solutions to satisfy each specific requirement. As alternatives, we also provide featured membrane protein preparation services using following cellular mechanisms:

Moreover, we also perform various functional validation assay to monitor the quality of membrane proteins. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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