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Peptidome Discovery ServicesCreative Biolabs now proudly offers the peptidome discovery services for our global clients to assist their research and project development. These services cover synthetic and endogenous peptidome research realm, available for a broad range of peptidome sources, including but not limit to various body fluids and tissue extracts from different species.

Peptidome is generally defined as an array of peptides (up to 20 kDa) that are present in a particular genome, specific cell, fluid, tissue, organism or system (Münch et al. 2014). During the life activities, a broad range of soluble polypeptides is produced through the proteolytic degradation, including undetermined peptides, signaling molecules and other small protein fragments. These peptides exhibit highly specific but sometimes unexpected functions, reflecting the protein synthesis, processing and degradation processes under different conditions of physiological diseases and may also contributing to the regulation of gene expression and metabolism. For this reason, the study of peptidome (also known as peptidomics) is a meaningful supplement to the linkage between proteomics and metabolomics. It is excepted that some valuable information can be obtained from the analysis of peptidome, which may contribute to the treatment of cancers or the development of antimicrobial agents.

Creative Biolabs is focusing on the discovery and analysis of peptidome. Our scientists are pleased to provide their professional skills to customers to pinpoint potential peptide candidates through peptidomics study. We can analyze the endogenous peptides systematically and comprehensively and obtain results for the qualitative or quantitative purpose. Due to the multiple information about disease status, drug efficacy and toxicity provided by the peptidomics analysis, endogenous peptides may have their specific roles in drug development or as biomarkers. In addition, we are able to generate synthetic peptidome or cDNA peptidome libraries for various species with available genomic information. Through our remarkable phage display platform, the constructed peptidome libraries contain specific characteristic according to customers’ demands and are available to be used for further research objectives, such as immune responses to autoantigens.

Creative Biolabs is a pioneer and well-recognized provider of a broad range of biologically related services. During the past decade, we have developed several advanced phage display platforms and comprehensive systems for qualitative or quantitative analysis. Our seasoned scientists are confident in offering the high-quality peptidomics services with reliable results to meet our customers’ specific requirements.


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