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In terms of the extensive experience in single domain antibody conjugation research, Creative Biolabs is a world leading service provider. According to the research hotspot and the market demand, we have developed a unique single domain antibody PEGylation service which would be meaningful for your biological research, especially in antibodies modification.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a kind of polyether compound which has been applied in various fields. In biological research, PEG has been covalently attached to various different proteins to modify their function and achieve the benefits of reduced immunogenicity and increased circulating half-lives. What’s more, PEG-conjugated antibodies also have some beneficial effects in the certain clinical environment. There are numbers of functionalized PEG molecules widely used, such as amino reactive, thiol-reactive, and alcohol-reactive chemistries. PEGs are also available derivative with molecules like fluorescein, biotin, phospholipids, heterofunctional molecules. In brief, the PEGylated antibody fragment, in particular, is an infusive and potentially useful strategy in the development of therapeutic research and application.

Antibody PEGylationFig.1 Antibody PEGylation

A single domain antibody (sdAb) is an antibody molecule with the smallest antigen-binding unit which consists solely of a variable domain. Such antibody derivatives derived from the heavy-chain-only antibodies produced by camelids and sharks, or the specific developed human VH and VL domain. Due to the advantages of the high degree of affinity, specificity and stability, low molecular weight and multiple re-formatting opportunities, these molecules have tremendous potential for biomedical applications, some of which have proven to be successful in clinical development.

Compared with conventional antibodies, the reduced size of sdAbs enables them to more rapidly penetrate in body tissues such as tumors. What’s more, the lack of Fc region also avoid the possible undesirable side-effects in some circumstances. In this case, there would be more benefits for PEGylated sdAbs than PEGylated conventional antibodies. As sdAbs have been a research hotspot, PEGylated sdAbs would also play a more important role in biological research.

Benefits of PEGylated sdAbs:

With years of extensive experience and the abundant scientific research base, Creative Biolabs is promising to provide customers with the best services and finest results. For different research objectives, our technical scientists are pleased to discuss and find the best protocol to meet your demands. If you are interested in our single domain antibody PEGylation service, please do not hesitate to inquire us for more details.


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