Anti-Ion Channel Antibody Discovery

Creative Biolabs has been long devoted to membrane protein field for biophysical investigations, structural studies, and particularly antibody development. After years of efforts, our scientific team now provides professional anti-ion channel antibody discovery services via multiple state-of-the-art technologies.

Ion channels represent a main type of membrane transporter proteins that exert their functions in the transport of ions and water molecules across biological membranes selectively in diffusion manner. Ion channels play key roles in many biophysical and pathological procedures by modulating cellular functions such as cell migration, secretion, electrical excitability, gene transcription, etc. Like GPCRs, ion channels are important targets for drug discovery. In recent years, since monoclonal antibody drugs are becoming increasingly popular in clinic due to many appealing features, anti-ion channel antibodies emerge as a hotspot. However, as is known, ion channels general have very sophisticated structures with multiple (usually more than 10) transmembrane domains, leading to huge challenges in immunogen preparation and antibody selection. Several conventional approaches include using extra-/intra-cellular domains of interest as surrogate, whole cell immunization, or DNA immunization. The key lies in how to achieve the optimal immune reactions against the target molecule, and how to isolate the promising clones from the large candidate pool.

Anti-Ion Channel Antibody Discovery

Fully understanding these crucial needs, Creative Biolabs has developed an integrated platform offering one-stop service to generate highly specific, highly affinitive anti-ion channel antibodies. With rich experience in dealing with various ion channels, our scientists are specialized in tailoring custom project outline according to each specific requirement. Notably, incorporated with our powerful membrane protein platform, we provide one-stop service of ion channel immunogen preparation in a variety of formats, e.g. peptides, liposomes, nanodiscs, DNA immunization, etc. More importantly, we apply versatile approaches to antibody development in a more efficient and convenient way.

Anti-Ion Channel Antibody Discovery

Mouse/rat hybridoma is a classic approach for mAb discovery against various targets. Our featured adjuvant and unique fusion agent promise the fusion efficiency. We also have multiple high throughput screening approaches to offer flexible choices. In addition, equipped with cutting-edge transgenic skills, Creative Biolabs has generated several brand-new humanized mice strains producing fully human antibodies, which is an extra powerful tool for therapeutic antibody development.

Phage display is another widely used high-throughput-directed screening technique via presenting antibody fragments (scFv or Fab) of interest on the surface of bacteriophages. Creative Biolabs has established a leading phage display platform for phage display library construction and screening from many host species, including rodents, NHPs, rabbits, dogs, etc. Of note, our staff scientists are specialized in applying various biopanning strategies that best facilitate the enrichment of desired binders.

Bypassing the time-consuming animal immunization process, plenty of premade libraries are presented by Creative Biolabs to fulfill your needs. We have well-tailored premade libraries from human, mouse, rat, camelid, sharks, etc., with overwhelming capacity of 108 ~1010. Numerous of excellent binders have been derived from these premade libraries, some of which have already entered clinical stage.

Native B cell sorting is another attractive strategy to obtain anti-ion channel antibodies with naturally paired heavy chains and light chains. Based on our Native™ antibody discovery platform, more than 15 host species, including but not limited to human, mouse, monkey, chicken, can be used. Antibodies raised by Native™ platform, due to in vivo affinity maturation, are proved to exert better performance in binding, functions, developability, etc.

Scientists from Creative Biolabs are always ready to offer professional assistance to support custom projects of ant-ion channel antibody discovery. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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