Anti-Transporter Antibody Discovery

Equipped with excellent expert teams and rich experience in anti-membrane protein antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs now offers professional service of developing custom anti-transporter antibody to both academic and industrial customers.

Anti-Transporter Antibody Discovery

Transporters, also known as carrier proteins, are one of the two basic types of membrane transport proteins. Transporters make it possible for a large number of polar and non-polar water-soluble substances (e.g. nutrients and drugs) pass through membranes specifically by active or passive transport. Transporter-conscious drug design is an excellent method of delivering drugs to pharmaceutical target organs and provides additional advantages in absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion (ADME) behaviors. Besides, such drug compounds can also control adverse effects caused by off-targets and drug-drug interactions and, consequently, have better performance in clinical trials.

Integrated with multiple world-leading antibody development technologies, Creative Biolabs is proud to present our anti-transporter antibody discovery platform. We offer flexible choices from which you can always find the best fit for your specific project:

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in mouse/rat hybridoma technique. Based on our featured hybridoma platform, highly efficient cell fusion & clone selection will be guaranteed. Notably, we are experienced in tailoring custom immunization campaigns according to different immunogens, so as to obtain vigorous immune responses. In addition, humanized transgenic mouse strains are also available to raise fully human anti-transporter antibodies.

Anti-Transporter Antibody Discovery Fig 2 Production of monoclonal antibodies by the hybridoma method. (Michnick SW and Sidhu SS. 2008)

Phage display is a high-throughput-directed technique in antibody screening which can present antibody fragments (scFv or Fab) of interest on the surface of bacteriophages by the fusion with a coat protein. Creative Biolabs has a phage display platform including services for phage display library construction and library screening platform. Extra large library capacity and flexible selection approaches enable to obtain high-affinity binders against certain transporters.

Anti-Transporter Antibody Discovery Fig 3 Production of antibodies by phage display. (Michnick SW and Sidhu SS. 2008)

To shorten the timeline of antibody discovery, Creative Biolabs presents various high-quality premade libraries from human, mouse, camelid, etc. The general size of these libraries can reach 108~1010, which can derive excellent binders with affinity ranging from 10 pM to 10 nM. This is a most straightforward approach very suitable for complicated targets like transporters, which can avoid tedious and risky immunization process.

The isolation of antigen-specific B cells is quite challenging because the frequency of cells specific for any particular antigen is usually less than 1%. Recently, Creative Biolabs has established an exclusive Native™ antibody discovery platform to directly find antibody clones from B cells with native paired heavy and light chains. We have rich experience in dealing with membrane proteins using this method. Besides, over 15 host species are available for selection, including human, rat, mouse, rabbit, chicken and so on.

Creative Biolabs has been dedicated to raising superior anti-membrane protein antibodies using versatile approaches, especially anti-transporter antibodies. Besides, based on our all-around membrane protein platform, we also provide integrated service of transporter immunogen preparation service in plenty of formats, e.g. peptides, liposomes, nanodiscs, whole cells, etc. Please contact us for more information.


  1. Michnick S W and Sidhu SS. (2008). Submitting antibodies to binding arbitration. Nature Chemical Biology. 4(6), 326-329.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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