Anti-Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery through Premade Antibody Libraries

As an undisputed antibody service provider, Creative Biolabs has integrated a comprehensive portfolio of premade human antibody (scFv/Fab) libraries. With great capacity & diversity, our best-in-class premade libraries have successfully derived many highly specific, highly affinitive binders ranging from 10 pM to 10 nM. Currently, we are glad to offer professional anti-membrane protein antibody discovery service based on our world-class premade antibody libraries.

Membrane proteins represent one of the most diversified protein family in human body, delivering a variety of biophysical functions in vast cell types. Their dysfunction is correlated with many diseases including cancers, infections, auto-immunogenic diseases, etc. Therefore, membrane proteins serve as critical therapeutic/diagnostic target in clinic. However, due to the difficulty in preparation and immunization, antibody development against membrane proteins is very challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, premade antibody library screening poses as an attractive alternative for direct discovery of antibodies against a variety of membrane proteins. This approach can be extra advantageous in following aspects:

Currently, we offer following premade antibody libraries to meet customer’s needs for various purposes:

Library ID Library Format Library Source Library Capacity
HuScL-2 Semi-synthetic scFv Human 1.42×109
HuScL-3 Recombinant naïve scFv Human 1.6×109
HuScL-4 Naïve scFv Human 2.0×109
HuScL-5 Synthetic scFv Human 2.0×1010
HuFabL-1 Naïve Fab Human 2.0×109
HuFabL-2 Naïve & synthetic Fab Human 2.0×1010
HuFabL-3 Naïve Fab Human 4.29×109
MuScL-1 Naïve scFv Mouse 8.0×108
MuFabL-1 Naïve Fab Mouse 6.0×109
RaFabL-1 Naïve Fab Rat 7.5×109
Chicken-ScL-1 Naïve scFv Chicken 1.2×109
CaVHHL-1 Naïve VHH Camel 1.5×109
CaVHHL-2 Naïve VHH Camel 2.0×109
LlaVHH-1 Naïve VHH Llama 2.0×109
HuSdL-1 Camelized synthetic VHH Human 1.5×109
HuSdL-2 Camelized synthetic VHH Human 2.5×1010

Our technique team has plenty of experience in library biopanning against membrane targets in a variety of formats, e.g. proteoliposomes, nanodiscs, micelles, polymers, living whole cells, etc. We are specialized in combined screenings, incorporating with multiple target formats, to maximally “fish out” promising binders. Of note, one-stop membrane protein immunogen preparation service is also available. Our scientists have extensive expertise in dealing with many GPCR immunogens, ion channel immunogens, and transporter immunogens.

Empowered by best-in-class premade library resources as well as skillful technique team, Creative Biolabs is confident in tailoring ideal anti-membrane protein antibodies via premade library screening. Dozens of successful records can be tracked. Besides, we also provide other approaches including anti-membrane protein antibody discovery using hybridoma technology, anti-membrane protein antibody discovery by phage display technology and anti-membrane protein antibody discovery via Native™ platform that you may be interested in. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

All listed services and products are For Research Use Only. Do Not use in any diagnostic or therapeutic applications.

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