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Hybridoma Preparation and Anti-membrane Protein mAbs Production Service

Creative Biolabs has developed leading technology in the hybridoma preparation and monoclonal antibody production field, which is able to generate monoclonal antibody targeting membrane protein.

Hybridoma is a hybrid of antibody-producing B cell and myeloma cell. The hybrid cell, inheriting antibody secretion feature and immortal growth from the parental cells, is widely used for the development of monoclonal antibodies. Monoclonal antibody is generated cell clone originated from one single hybridoma cell. They are bound to a unique epitope of antigen and have very high specificity and low cross-reaction.

Membrane proteins gain increasing importance for their biological function. They consist of 20~30% total encoding genes, but are believed to share more than 50% of novel medicine targets. However, due to the unique transmembrane structure and hydrophobic domain, membrane protein could not form native conformation in most condition. Thus the monoclonal antibody targeting native membrane protein is a key for the research.

Hybridoma Preparation and Anti-membrane Protein mAbs Production Service

Mouse hybridoma preparation is a proven technique in Creative Biolabs, with which we could offer customers tailored service and hundreds of pre-made monoclonal antibodies. Rat hybridoma is still a challenging techniques for the difficulty in the myeloma cell selection and fusion step. However, the advantages are attractive. Rat hybridoma could be used for producing antibody against both mouse and human antigens; Rat monoclonal antibody has proved higher affinity and specificity. Thanks to our talented R&D team, Creative Biolabs could overcome the obstacles and establish the rat hybridoma system. We have now expanded our monoclonal antibody production service to both rodent species, mouse and rat. More importantly, with our unparalleled Cell-based membrane pretein expression and Cell-free membrane protein expression systems, we are able to provide our clients high quality monoclonal antibody against membrane proteins with native conformation.

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