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Magic™ Cell-free Protein Expression in Human Cell Lysate

Creative Biolabs is one of the best-recognized experts in employing cell-free protein expression systems for a broad range of membrane proteins. With years of experience, we have established impeccable cell-free protein expression platform using human cells. Our experienced scientists offer the most professional service/support to meet diverse custom demands precisely.

Membrane proteins, which constitute over thirty percent of all proteins in human genome, represent the absolute majority (80%) of current drug targets. Heterologous systems for membrane proteins expression developed rapidly and vigorously in the past decades. In contrast to classical cell-based protein expression, cell-free systems skip time-consuming cloning and transfection steps; instead, the open nature provides more simple, controllable and flexible manipulation of reaction conditions. Especially for some challenging protein targets, such as membrane proteins, toxic or easily degraded proteins, this system makes extra effective solution. Various cell-free systems are commercially available, originating from eukaryotes, prokaryotes and even PURE (Protein synthesis Using Recombinant Elements) system. Selection of proper system derived from different cellular origins depends on the type of protein, the requirements for functional activity and the expected yield.

Cell-free systems based on human cells have been originated from HeLa cells and HEK293 cells. The features of human cell-free systems are very similar to CHO cell-free system. Endogenous microsomes are available for direct insertion of membrane proteins in different human cell-free expression systems. Moreover, as no intracellular structure is involved, the resulting proteins can be directed released and incorporated into lipids or nanodiscs, in a detergent-free manner. This can greatly facilitate proper protein structure and function, particularly when detergent can compromise or harm the protein products.

Magic™ Cell-free Protein Expression in Human Cell Lysate

The human cell-derived in vitro protein expression system is rather attractive and advantageous compared with other cell-free systems:

Creative Biolabs is professional in membrane proteins expression based on our state-of-the-art cell-free platforms. Besides HEK cell lysate, we also provide a comprehensive portfolio of cell-free protein synthesis in following systems:

Integrated with our optimized systems and well-established protocols, we can guarantee the highest success rate in obtaining the most satisfactory protein products. A series of successful references using our eukaryotic cell-free expression service can be tracked. We are pleased and honored to provide the best service to help our global customers achieve their research objectives. Please feel free to inquire us for a detailed quote.


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