Creative Biolabs is an undisputed leading provider of antibody development and generation services. Now, we provide in vitro diagnostic (IVD) antibody development services targeting various biomarkers of a wide variety of diseases. Especially, Creative Biolabs offers high-quality antibody development services for diagnostic applications targeting the vitronectin V65 marker of osteoarthritis.

Vitronectin V65

Vitronectin is an abundant glycoprotein present in serum, the extracellular matrix, and bone. It is encoded in humans by the VTN gene. It is a secreted protein and exists in either a single chain form or a clipped, two chain form held together by a disulfide bond. Though the precise function of VN in vivo is unknown, it has been implicated as a participant in diverse biological processes, including cell attachment and spreading, complement activation and regulation of hemostasis. Vitronectin binds to integrin alpha-V beta-3 and thus promotes cell adhesion and spreading. It also inhibits the membrane-damaging effect of the terminal cytolytic complement pathway and binds to several serpins (serine protease inhibitors). The major site of synthesis appears to be the liver, though VN is also found in the brain at an early stage of mouse organogenesis, suggesting that it may play an important role in mouse development. Genetic deficiency of VN has not been reported in humans or in other high organisms.

PAI-1 in complex with the SMB domain of vitronectin. Fig.1 PAI-1 in complex with the SMB domain of vitronectin.

Vitronectin V65 Marker of Osteoarthritis

Since cartilage loss and mild to moderate synovial inflammation are recognized features of OA especially at advanced stages of the disease, V65 vitronectin fragment could play an important role in the pathogenesis of OA. In a study, OA progression is characterized by elevated serum levels of V65 vitronectin fragments, therefore V65 vitronectin fragment may be an important marker of disease outcome in OA.

IVD Antibody Development Services Targeting Vitronectin V65 Marker

Antibodies are core elements for antibody-based immunoassays for detecting and quantifying antigens of interest in all kinds of samples such as the serum, urine, tissue preparations, and so on. IVD antibodies are extensively used for disease screening, prognosis, and therapeutic monitoring. With our versatile IVD platform, Creative Biolabs is proud to develop novel anti-vitronectin V65 antibody from scratch to commercial IVD kit (we can also start with provided antibody candidates).

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