The first stage of drug development is target discovery. Proper drug target identification and validation are necessary for drug candidate discovery system as this service has the ability to modulate the drug therapeutics in the desired way. Creative Biolabs provides the world's leading target screening, structural characterization, and functional profiling service for potential drug targets to generate a faster track to druggability.

A lethal antifungal drug has the desired activity for inactivating targets with low host toxicity. Scientists need to identify a suitable target that is presented in a broad spectrum of fungal pathogens, be essential for the life of a fungal pathogen, but not be found in human cells to avoid toxicity problems. Once the targets are identified, they need to be fully tested to confirm their right role in a given fungal disease. Their structures, roles in fungal and key molecular pathways, etc. should be involved to ensure the targets.

Creative Biolabs assists your target identification research with our leading functional genomics technologies for gene silencing, gene manipulating, gene knockout, and cloning. We have established a world-leading computer-aided platform for target data mining and hypothesis building to discover innovative targets. After the virtual screening of the potential targets, our computer-aided system simulates the crystal structure of target protein in complex with the ligand.

Gene manipulation studies are conducted to support virtually screening. Our gene knockout, knockdown, knockin, and overexpression services largely guarantee the target identification process. We also developed a siRNA library screening method to accelerate the discovery of requisite genes.

Cell wall active antifungals Figure 1. Cell wall active antifungals

After target identification, our specialist technologies provide researchers with services of protein profiling, key molecular pathways, etc. to increase understanding of target biological characterization. It allows better knowledge about the relationship between target and disease. Besides, when choosing a desirable target, target accessibility must also be considered. That means a drug must be able to bind the target in serum and affect its function. We use a wide range of experimental technologies to test whether the target is accessible to putative therapeutic agents.

Besides molecular technologies, Creative Biolabs provides world-class digital fungal imaging platforms for monitoring changes in fungi and whether target modulation will lead to side effects. This platform provides a better understanding of the details of the underlying targets' biological mechanism.

Our services including but not limited to:

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