Magic™ Lipid Screening Platform

Creative Biolabs provides the powerful lipid screening platform to facilitate the research, development, and application of membrane proteins. We have around 50 lipids available for screening on this platform, both natural and artificial lipids. Lipids alone or in combination with other materials can assemble into the following formats in the aim of solubilizing and stabilizing membrane proteins.

Assembled Forms Components
Liposomes Bilayer-forming lipids
Lipid bilayer sheets Bilayer-forming lipids
Bicelles Bilayer-forming lipids and short-chain lipids or detergents
Nanodiscs Bilayer-forming lipids and SMA copolymers or MSPs
Micelles Mixtures of lipids and detergents or micelle-forming lipids alone

Magic™ Lipid Screening Platform

Different types of lipids can greatly affect the folding, conformation, oligomeric state, function, and activity of membrane proteins solubilized/reconstituted in the above forms. Therefore, in most cases, lipid screening is of great importance for exploring the optimal conditions under which the solubilized/incorporated membrane proteins can be kept in their native-like form. The comprehensive lipids components available for screening at Creative Biolabs including:

Besides, we can also dope liposomes with tag-labeled lipids for capture and immobilization purposes.

During the lipid screening, we will also test the optimal pH, salts, and additives (e.g. sterols). This lipid screening platform can be used individually or in combination with membrane protein production/characterization services provided by our company where lipids will need to be used.

The goal of Creative Biolabs is exerting our greatest efforts to bring positive results to our customers regarding various challenging membrane protein projects. We sincerely look forward to working with worldwide scientists, providing first-class assistance with your cutting-edge studies. In addition to our lipid screening platform, scientists of Creative Biolabs can also provide various services to meet your specific requirements, which including but not limited to:

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