Protein Isoform Analysis Service

Creative Biolabs is highly professional in various protein isoform analysis. Scientists of Creative Biolabs have developed a powerful mass spectrometry platform for protein isoform analysis. We are pleased to launch the best protein isoforms analysis and detection service.

Necessity and importance of protein isoforms analysis

Protein isoforms or protein variants are members of a set of highly similar proteins, which may be presented due to alternative splicing, polymorphism and post-translational modifications (PTMs). Although proteins isoforms can originate from separate genes, each protein isoform has various biological roles. There has been proved that protein isoforms play important roles in various biological processes. For example, specific protein isoforms enable to impact thyroid pathological conditions, which are involved in various types of cancer, heart hypertrophy, autoimmune diseases and in diabetes. As such, protein isoforms have been used as biomarker or therapeutic targets. Therefore, it is essential for developing efficient methods to identify and quantify specific protein isoforms.

Protein isoforms arise from a combination of molecular variation including SNP, alternative splicing and PTMs (Tipton et al, 2011).Fig.1 Protein isoforms arise from a combination of molecular variation including SNP, alternative splicing and PTMs (Tipton et al, 2011).

Protein Isoform Analysis Service

With years of solid experience and unique expertise in custom protein services, Creative Biolabs has developed several novel methods to protein isoforms analysis, which present the accuracy and reliability for protein isoform differentiation. These methods are based on mass spectrometry (MS), which have been widely used in protein analysis, such as bottom-up and top-down platform. By bottom-up platform, proteins are enzymatically digested into peptide fragments prior to mass spectrometry identification. While mass spectrometry is performed on intact proteins, namely top-down.

In addition to the above methods, we are also professional in other advanced approaches for protein isoforms analysis, including:

Advantages of protein isoform analysis service

Using our various powerful methods, Creative Biolabs can provide protein identification services with far higher reliability and confidence, and also directly characterize amino acid sequence errors and variations. We can analyze the intact proteins from low-mass proteome (5-25 kDa) to 229 kDa in protein size. More importantly, our targeted mass spectrometry-based methods can be used as antibody free validation tools as well as used as potential tools to selectively analyze specific protein isoforms.

Combined with our various protein isoform analysis approaches, there can reveal the rich protein isoforms and post-translational modifications diversities found in nature and the human body. Creative Biolabs is professional in using our advanced techniques to help our customers’ valuable research.

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  1. Tipton JD.; et al. Analysis of intact protein isoforms by mass spectrometry. J Biol Chem. 2011, 286(29):25451-25458.

All listed customized services & products are for research use only, not intended for pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic or any in vivo human use.

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